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Translation: Foreign Policy: edit Sinjar narrowed down to Daash and cut their supply line through tenderness

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Translation: Foreign Policy: edit Sinjar narrowed down to Daash and cut their supply line through tenderness


Translation: Ahmed Alaa

The flow of thousands of Kurdish forces to regain control of Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq on Thursday and Friday, in the hope of liberation from the domination of militants Daash, to be the fruit of a whole year's efforts to regain control of the city of Mosul, which is long overdue.
He said American and Iraqi officials, that over the last year, Mosul was the ultimate prize for the efforts being made to expel the militants Daash outside Iraq, but the plans were complicated by the fall of the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi earlier this year.
The attack also slowed, due to work on the restoration of the Iraqi army, which some brigades withdrew from the city of Mosul in the past year after the dominance of armed extremists by building. Delay regain control of Mosul, justified by the Americans that the security forces are working to remove land mines and hit regulate Daash dotted around the city densely populated locations.
In a clear indication of the importance of the battle, American officials said, that the special forces were stationed in locations near Mount Sinjar to help the Kurdish forces in air strikes format. He said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook in this regard, that some advisers may be close enough to the fighting to see -epeshkl clear - enemy targets, stressing that the Americans will not have a direct combat role against al Daash. His attack was attended by nearly 7,500 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are fighting side by side with the problem of newly Yezidi forces as well as local forces, they had lost their land because of the dominance Daash militants in the past year. According to reports from the Peshmerga forces, the organization of militants on the run now and coalition forces for its part, launched its aircraft about 36 air strike in last Thursday.
Regain control of Sinjar, an important goal to isolate the city of Mosul, and to enable the security forces to restore them, and set up a result, Kurdish forces defense lines north-east of Mosul. And it remains open to the southwest and is a good way to organize the shipment of militants, weapons and the flow of fighters of the city as well as the arrival of food to them.
The new attack, yielded to regain control of key parts of the highway, a road was Daash militants use it as a link between Mosul and tenderness in Syria. The Kurdish government Grdt in social networking "Twitter" site that "Sinjar now isolated from the Afar and Syria." American officials are talking about the restoration of Sinjar as a means of pressure on the organization Daash, as well as that tactical choice by Americans who spoke before Planners weeks ago for the start of military operations to restore areas near Mosul, in preparation for the liberalization of the main city. Spokesman in Iraq Forces Colonel Steve Warren said late last month, that instead of looking at Iraq and Syria to resolve the two separate conflicts, we have to look for how to weaken the organization Daash in areas controlled by heavily. He said Warren, that the pressure on the tenderness comes to mitigate the influence of militants Daash in Mosul, especially as the United States has worked in recent weeks to offer advice and supply of weapons, Iraqi and Syrian Arab forces say them they Matdltan, and Khaddata to the supervision of the US commandos to liberate subject to the militants Daash areas in Iraq and Syria. Americans, military officials are pushing for control of the highway to cut off the main supplies between Mosul and tenderness, as has always been this way corridor important for the insurgents and provided them over the past year as they need, so US officials believed, that control will not be easy in the end. Christine Van Den you can see, a researcher at the Institute for Regional and International Studies at the American University in Sulaimaniya, says, "This is already an important way for Daash, but they will use other ways in the event of intensified attack them."
And sees Patrick Martin of the Institute for the Study of War, that Kurdish forces had already taken control of this road, but it did not affect the militants Daash on their access to supplies that they enjoy coming to the tenderness of Mosul. What is important on the ground, you must take forces into account how the final control on the highway, because the South West of Sinjar will see a large combat operation, so it must be that the troops moving from the east to arrive in Mosul, if they want to edit, according to the researcher can see which you see the same time, even if it is the way of Sinjar to Mosul will reach them, it will not be easy, because the Kurdish and Yezidi forces will remain there for some time and withdraw. In conclusion, you can see her saying, "When I finished the issue Daash and return things to the same, it is difficult that the central government to deal with these forces the newly formed because they want to influence, authority and control by virtue of it spent on extremist organization, and this will result in a political struggle between the Kurdish and Yezidi and Arab factions and all other military faction After the completion of Daash ".

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