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Army begins its lead over the center of Ramadi, after cutting supply lines Daash

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Army begins its lead over the center of Ramadi, after cutting supply lines Daash


Baghdad / term

Iraqi army, said on Friday that his forces advanced from three axes to start combing the city of Ramadi, in the west of the country, and the pursuit of militants organize Daash, according to the Reuters reported.
A local official and a policeman in a nearby military base of gray that provide the Iraqi army has not yet begun. Reuters could not verify the conflicting accounts independently because of insecurity and the poor state of communications in the region.

And stationed Iraqi forces, in what appears to be the better than sites before you launch an attack on Ramadi, which lies 60 kilometers west of Baghdad, surrounded by security forces for months.
It will increase the attack pressure on Daash fighting on multiple fronts in neighboring Syria and expelled from the town of Sinjar in northern Iraq after an attack by Kurdish forces with the support of air strikes of the coalition led by the United States.
According to a statement issued by the Joint Special Operations Command broadcast on state television that Iraqi forces began "progress to cleanse the city of Ramadi .. from three axes namely western and northern and south-west of the attribution of the brave Hawks air Iedkon who now targets elected.
"Iraqi forces and look in a much better position than ever to launch an attack on militants in the city of Ramadi Daash before. Now began the impact of the efforts made ‚Äč‚Äčover the months to cut supply for the city lines, but there is still a lot of risk.
The fall of the city, however Daash group in May of this year, represents the biggest setback to the central government, as he extinguished the hopes of defeating the extremists in the north and west country.
I have run Ramadi attack several obstacles, including the use of Daash intensive improvised explosive device, insufficient troops and equipment due to a lack of cash for the government, and the rules of strict air strikes of the coalition forces, according to participants officers in the fighting of the army and police. However, the recent gains give rise to expectations that the army is ready to take over gray quickly.
Counter-terrorism forces led a campaign to encircle the city with the support of armored divisions of the Federal Police, where they cut the southern and western entrances to prevent the arrival of reinforcements from near the border with Syria cities.
Iraqi forces have captured the towns and villages and roads in those areas, including the University of Anbar desert areas sprawling along the highway leading to Syria.
As I caught the eastern suburbs forces such as Eastern Husaybah and reduced the ability of the Strait Daash supply of Fallujah. At the beginning of this month, anti-terrorism forces seized a large camp in the western gray suburbs and a number of regions in the north and arrived at the western approach to the bridge of Palestine on the Euphrates River, and there are two divisions of the army on the other side of the river slowly hurtling along the fast northern route, where I arrived last week Jeriha to the crossing.
He says Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the international coalition, said extremists were using the Euphrates River as a way to supply water fast gray center. The control along the highway leading to the bridge will complete the encirclement of the city and troops can begin to clear the city's neighborhoods one by one. It is not known how much the army will take the last teams to rush to Palestine bridge as it faces the same obstacles that have slowed the siege of the city on the other hubs, which will be held next Street Fighter. And attribute the army officers delayed the pace of the campaign to improvised explosives planted by militants, and to a shortage in the number of troops.
Avoids Alamron - wary of incurring losses in the few forces mainly - the face of the enemy practiced torture and murder of prisoners of war, says the colonel of the ninth band fighting north of Ramadi, "We launched attack and control our backs at the same time, this is a great burden on our soldiers.
"officers say the frequent changes of leadership affect the morale, which was changed three leaders in less than a year, as two of the top leaders was killed in the battle. In addition, the weak supply lines mean that the front-line troops often lack of fuel, gear and medical care.
He says Michelle Knights, an expert on Iraqi affairs at the Washington Institute for Research, he said that "all the problems of the armies of the world are present in the Iraqi army." As army officers critical of the air strikes of the coalition for being concerned too much of the civilian casualties, where the rebels had deployed in relatively safe residential areas from which they launch mortars.
He says an officer close to the Anbar Operations Command "It is a nightmare, we are suffering from the occurrence of large losses ". While the US military says the strikes are very accurate, the Anbar residents say hundreds of civilians have been killed since the start of the campaign in September 2014, but could not be told Reuters check it out. While most civilians fled from the city a few months ago, it is still with thousands of others.
He says the number of residents that attack Iraqi forces had Daash fighters to pull away from the markets and public squares that had been patrolling there.

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