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Sacco: the card of national law is contrary to the Constitution and human rights

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Sacco: the card of national law is contrary to the Constitution and human rights


BAGHDAD / long-Presse

New patriarch of the Chaldeans in Iraq and the world, St. Louis Raphael I Sako rejection of the law of a unified national card, returned it contrary to the principles of human rights and violates the Iraqi constitution.
This came during a protest, organized, on Wednesday evening, in the courtyard of St. George's Church in New Baghdad, east of the capital, by the Parish Council of the Archdiocese of Baghdad, and the Association of the Chaldean in Iraq and the world, in the presence of MP from the Rafidain bloc, Imad Youkhana, and Rep Sunrise Alabegi, and Rep. Bushra al-Obeidi of the Human Rights Commission, and activist Hanaa Edwar, for civil society.
The Patriarch Sacco, in a speech during the vigil, said that "freedom and religious, including, it should be for all," returned that "it is not possible to accept coercion on faith, which is a blessing from God.
"He added Sacco, that the" message religions common human values ​​and the Charter of Human Rights stresses that the natural freedom and legitimacy, "adding that" the Iraqi Council of Representatives approval of a unified national card law, which hates the minor children of Christians and Yazidis and Sabean, to convert to the Islamic faith when the declaration of a parent Islam constitutes a violation of the values ​​and unfair against those who are preparing one of the first citizens of Iraq, and contrary to the Holy Quran which emphasizes the lack of compulsion in religion, abuse of national unity and balance of community and religious pluralism and coexistence.
"He explained the Patriarch, that" the single card law , the Iraqi constitution, the third as the material, which is that Iraq is a multi-nationalities, religions and sects 0.37 / II and article which states that the State shall guarantee the protection of the individual from intellectual, political and religious coercion 0.42 and article which includes that everyone has freedom of thought, conscience and belief country contradicts ", pointing out that "The law also intersects with the Bill of Human Rights, Article 18, which states that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion."
He renewed Sacco, "rejection of the Patriarchate to the law consolidated the card, which divides the Iraqis nor unites them," and urged that "the boys remain minors on their religion , and leaving them free to choose the religion that they see fit for their convictions when they reach the legal age.
"The new patriarch threat that" the Church will work on the delivery of voice at the global level and the establishment of a lawsuit at the International Court for Global Human Rights Council against the House of Representatives. "

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