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Security forces kill a prince to Daash with 30 of his aides near Fallujah

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Security forces kill a prince to Daash with 30 of his aides near Fallujah


Anbar / long-Presse

A source in Anbar Operations Command, on Friday, that the joint security force able to edit a subsidiary of hand Albgdaa areas, west of Anbar, (110 km) west of Baghdad, as pointed out that the operation that killed dozens of al Daash. The source said in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The security forces were able to break into the purge of the hand-Baghdadi Soanej area, (170 km west of Anbar), and cleared completely after a very fierce fighting, killing dozens of members of Al Daash terrorist".
The source, who asked not to be named, said that "the security forces of the army and police and fighters of the clan and the forces of the seventh band and operations of the island, they began combing the western Anbar Soanej area, raising the IEDs from roads president and dismantling booby-trapped houses." In another context, head of the security committee of the local council announced to spend Khalidiya in Anbar province, Ibrahim al-Fahdawi, the military killed Prince to organize Daash in Fallujah. Said Fahdawi in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The fighters of the Iraqi air force and based on intelligence launched an air raid on the al-Daash in a lesson Bu Shihab (20 km east of Ramadi) was shelled with missiles Iraqi fighters resulting in the Military Emir killed for Daash in Fallujah Tunisian nationality and 30 component of the organization. " Fahdawi added that "the Tunisian terrorist and his elements of the organization were trying to cross the Bu Shehab area down to the gray for a meeting with commanders and warlords in Anbar Daash with the distribution of a number of weapons and missiles to their cells." The Chairman of the Committee that "cleansing battles going on in all cutters and axes gray and especially the east and west and south of the gray axis with the significant progress of the security forces and suffered heavy losses Daash components and wheels." Furthermore, the leadership of the popular crowd forces in Anbar province announced, cleanse the Mosque of Omar in which the elements of the organization Daash holed up in the district of Karma, east of
Falluja., Said the commander of the Third Regiment (free karma) of the Brigade 30 in the crowd the popular Colonel Mahmoud patients Jumaili forces, in an interview to (long-Presse), "The security forces were able to break into large parts of the Kabecat area in the vine Justice (19 km east of Fallujah), resulting in a cleansing Mosque of Omar, who was elements of the organization holed up in it and edit parts of the region and killed nine members of the organization." He added Jumaili, that "the pieces of combat and military attribution Brigade 24 Iraqi army was dismantled 30 explosive device and three booby-trapped houses in areas that have been cleared in Kabecat region," noting that "the security forces were able to detect two identity of the dead Daash two Salah Mahdi and Riad Syrian Arab Republic Nationality ".
Jumaili said that" the security forces after clearing the Mosque of Omar and parts of the area Kabecat that are borderline and link between the regions of the Po Shehab Rashad and center karma, which led to cut funding and the movement of terror lines.
"In turn, said the commander of the first group (are free vine), in Brigade 30 popular crowd Colonel Juma panic Jumaili in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The security forces and tribesmen managed to repel the attack to organize Daash mechanism bomb type (excavators) driven by a suicide bomber was targeting security forces in Subaihat area in the vine Justice (19 km east Fallujah), resulting in the suicide bombing Alhvl killed before arriving at the block wall. " He added Jumaili, that "the security forces has strengthened its presence in the areas of vine Fallujah in anticipation of similar attacks," noting that "the next few days will be an appointment with victories and raise the Iraqi flag over the center of the vine and the storming of Fallujah cleared of Daash gangs."

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