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Transport: the measures taken for the return of our aircraft over Europe is going according to planned

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Transport: the measures taken for the return of our aircraft over Europe is going according to planned


Face Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi, on Friday, to pay the dues of two security protection at Baghdad International Airport, and as discussed with the charge d'affaires of the British Embassy measures taken for the purpose of flying back over the skies of European, stressed that the procedures going as planned in cooperation with international experts to settle the matter.
Information Office of the Minister of Transport said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of "Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi met, yesterday afternoon, in the Baghdad International Airport, Ms. Blend Lewis, acting British Embassy in Iraq During the meeting, they discussed ways of cooperation between the two countries, especially sector transportation ".
The statement added that "the Minister to the Director General of Civil Aviation Authority decisively pay dues company G4S security protection at Baghdad International Airport and the British company Serco," It was agreed that payment early next week process. "
For its part, expressed Luis "thanks to the support of the Minister of Transport to this issue and resolve it in accordance with the law."
The statement continued that "it was the review of the subject of the measures taken by the Iraqi delegation that will attend the meetings Alayasa for the purpose of flying the green return to Europe".
He said al-Zubaidi, according to the statement that "the action is going according to What was planned in cooperation with international experts to settle the matter. "
The Committee on Parliamentary Services revealed, 2015 August 7, for hosting and Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi this month, to see reasons to prevent European countries Iraqi Airways from entering its airspace, and as pointed out that the ministry dealt with the companies "Related" at Baghdad International Airport, carrying A source in the Iraqi Airways management responsibility to withdraw the license.
The media reported that the countries (Austria, Sweden, Denmark) aircraft prevented Iraqi Airways from entering its airspace for safety reasons.
The date of the founding of the Iraqi Airways "Green Bird" due to (18 May 1938), when it recommended the Iraqi Aeronautical Society on the purchase of three aircraft type (Darkin Rapid), in aircraft factories (De Havilland), have reached Baghdad Saturday (first October 1938), and a domestic flights from and to neighboring countries.
Iraq had possessed more than 20 civilian aircraft Ilyushin Russian (Eastern Fleet) an Iraqi Airways prior to 1991, were destroyed, mostly in Desert Storm, and the transfer of the other part of them to neighboring countries during the period of sanctions.
Iraq signed in May 2008, the first two decades with the company (Boeing) US to buy 40 aircraft, and the second with the company (Bombardier) Canadian, to buy ten aircraft, while the Ministry of Finance showed that the total value of the two contracts amounting to five billion dollars.
Iraq and received since the end of 2012 until the month of March a number of Boeing aircraft within the site with the company's contract and that it is hoped that the end of the year ends in 2018, also received a Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft over the past years.
The Ministry of Transport announced the (March 20 2015) for receipt of new aircraft from Boeing under the contract signed between Iraq and the company during 2008, while confirming that the Iraqi Airways fleet currently consists of 28 aircraft.
The Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi announced (26th February 2015), that Iraq will receive 13 aircraft from Boeing, during the current 2015, while detect the presence of negotiations with Airbus for the purchase of aircraft which, he stressed that Iraqi Airways supported the state budget for 2015 of $ 450 million.

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