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Ironically, al-Rubaie Ptburah to "half of one percent" of the huge salary for the war effort

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Ironically, al-Rubaie Ptburah to "half of one percent" of the huge salary for the war effort


BAGHDAD / Obelisk: fells MP for the coalition 'rule of law' Rubaie, on Friday, November 13, 2015, the same irony in the mouth after the 'Profile distributed' on the media, the news of his donation per month, for as little (about eight hundred dollars ), to the battlefronts, of the total remuneration of the salaries and allowances, which are equivalent to about 40 million dinars per month, ie it accounts for less than 0.5%, or half of one percent of what earned, not to mention the wealth that has collected since 2003, of suspicious corrupt deals.

There is no doubt that the donation for the war effort, Mahmoud behavior, and social solidarity, enhance the frontline in the war on terror, but its transformation into a hypocrite, behavior, and look for the appearance of media and advertising, lose their value.
Rubaie said in a statement that 'a donation of one million dinars per month from your salary', In the news circulated by the media, Dhana him that it will 'whitening' black blood on his transactions that corruption, abuse of office for the collection of wealth, most recently Mtajrth rope in which the executed dictator Saddam.

He used the spring to the media emerge, phishing positions that beautify its image in front of people Dhana him to that Cncihm corruption pages, but love manifestations turned into a chronic has a problem, evolved into behavioral and mental illness make it in the case of schizophrenia with reality, trying to wear a new character, make up for a node shortage, glittering appearances that hide the selfishness and greed, and behind her actions.

He used Rubaie, the 'sale' tournaments moot stories on news agencies, and the media, in the very keen on marketing himself 'the man who executed Saddam Hussein'.

However, this quest, according to followers of the activities of al-Rubaie, is nothing but an act of reflexive political bankruptcy for the time being, after he exposed the falsity of his claims, and the shallowness of political thinking and behaviors in the theft of the Iraqi people's money, resorted to tournaments Maazavih, is a real re-named to the political forefront again .
Rubaie reiterates his claims about his role in the execution of Saddam, becoming a symbol of the vaunted and the hypocrites and counterfeiters facts who seek to market themselves heroes, but not the ones qualified to do so, it has played a spring on a rope story of Saddam's execution during the last period, but went too far in the narrative details the story of penalty, in all visits shows where, where adds a new chapter in every media interview or an interview, even pictures of the same people that the execution of the tyrant, was on his hands.

And accents newspaper 'The Washington Times' reported on its website, last month, that the former Iraqi national security adviser spring, put the rope which Saddam was executed it in 2006 for sale at auction.
The possibility of the health of the feet of the spring on the sale of the rope, it has been turned into a dealer and broker in funds of the Iraqi people, which is accused of theft of corruption, did not open its files after, because of political favoritism and corruption.
It was a political source denied last month in an interview with 'obelisk', any role Rubaie in the execution of Saddam Hussein, stressing that his commitment to the health of historical facts witnessed , it pays to advertise it and expose the lies of the spring.

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