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High reference calls for an end to the clashes Btozachormatu The auditors transactions delay part of Corruption

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High reference calls for an end to the clashes Btozachormatu The auditors transactions delay part of Corruption


High reference calls for an end to the clashes Btozachormatu The auditors transactions delay part of Corruption
The religious authority expressed regret for the clashes that took place in Tuz including unwarranted, calling for wise people on both sides to put an end to it and to bring all their weapons towards Daash terrorist gangs, as promised reviewers transactions delay part of the corruption afflicting the system of government.

The representative of the religious authority in holy city of Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net during Friday prayers held in the dish-Husseini al-Sharif "The challenge of terrorism Aldaasha is the biggest challenge facing the country in the present circumstance and must harness all the possibilities to confront it."
He called for "more coordination and cooperation between the various combat troops out in the coming battles and victories of a new edit other areas to be achieved in the end the complete victory and clearing the land of terrorists and the removal of their danger."
Mr. Safi praised the "victories that have been achieved at the hands of the Peshmerga forces in Sinjar," expressing his regret over the clashes that took place in Tuz including to excuse her never, "and expressed hope that" puts the wise people on both sides an end to it and that everyone draw their weapons, the common enemy is the terrorists Aldoaash ".
In the axis of the sermon Mr. Safi said that "citizens are suffering from lack of interest by some of the staff in many government departments completion of the reviewers transactions in accordance with legal contexts, but notes that some of the staff intentionally to block the transaction and prolong the review, but it is very easy for some of them {any staff} References to postpone to another time without an acceptable reason is indifferent to the cause, including references from the harm and problems. "
He pointed out that "the delay reviewers part of the corruption suffered by the government and the system must be sought to repair and reform in the important aspect is the work of an educational and informative and should be done at an earlier stage on the entry of the employee in the government work wire transactions."
He pointed out that "a culture of good and raising children by citizenship in the home, school, university contributes a lot in reducing some wrong practices at some of the staff and raise the apathy that surrounds the behavior of others, and that some serious pests plaguing some government departments, such as bribery, it was not her that spread this image frightening that we are witnessing today if there was a serious work in the education of our sons and daughters to stay away from them as a case immoral and warn them of the risks to the country and its future. "
He explained that "the corruption of the soul is of the greatest forms of corruption and did not have a shred of himself is difficult to stop him from committing evil in the rule of law only and this can be achieved only through good education and proper upbringing."
"If we want a better future for our country in which the proportion of less corruption we must work on Tencoh new generation in home, school, university moral virtues to exercise and stay away from Rmailha."
He stressed "the need to implant in them the love of the homeland and the citizen and a commitment to honesty and care for the rights of others and stay away from lying, bribery and damage public interests, and so on and this is the responsibility of everyone," A.

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