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Move critical of blocking the completion of transactions of the citizens in the constituencies and considers corrupt

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Move critical of blocking the completion of transactions of the citizens in the constituencies and considers corrupt

Friday November 13 - 2015

He criticized the religious authority blocking the completion of certain government employees to reviewers transactions according to the law and to prolong the review, while considered it as part of the corruption of government and the system must be sought to fix it.

He supported the religious authority, Mr. Ahmed net in Friday prayers held in the courtyard Husseini Karbala and followed radio tow that "the citizens are suffering from lack of interest by some of the staff in government departments completion of the reviewers transactions in accordance with legal procedures", adding that "some employees intentionally blocking treatment and prolong the review, it is easy for some of them to postpone references to another time without reasonable cause is indifferent to what caused the references of pain and problems. "

The net, that "part of the corruption suffered by the government and the system must be sought to fix it," stressing "the need to be done at an earlier stage on the entry of the employee in the corps of government action."

And between the net that "a culture of good and raising children by citizenship in the home, school, university contributes to reduce malpractice when some of the staff," pointing out that "some serious pests plaguing departments such as bribery it is to spread this image frightening if there was a serious work in the education of their children to stay away from them and warn them of the risks. "

In another aspect of the sermon religious authority praised the military triumphs of the Peshmerga forces in the district of Sinjar, said net "call for greater coordination and cooperation between the security forces and the army and federal police, volunteers and the sons of the tribes and the Peshmerga out in the coming battles with the victories of a new edit other areas to be achieved in the end victory full expel terrorists and eliminate their danger for our country, "he continued," we commend the victories achieved at the hands of the Peshmerga in Sinjar. "

He expressed net, "he lamented the clashes that took place in Tuz and unwarranted," expressing his hope that "wise people of the parties puts an end to it and to bring all their weapons to the brothers who are the common enemy terrorists Aldoaash".

He added that "terrorism Aldaasha is the biggest challenge in the country and must harness all the capabilities to confront it," stressing "the need to support the fight."

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