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General Traffic Kurdistan calls to speed up the approval of the renewal of sending Alsnuyat decision

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General Traffic Kurdistan calls to speed up the approval of the renewal of sending Alsnuyat decision

Friday November 13 - 2015

The General Traffic Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan region and the Directorate of the province passage to the need to speed up dispatch of its decision containing the approval of checking all vehicles bearing plates region, which were sold to the central and southern provinces and the capital, Baghdad, in order to issue a circular in this regard to the directorates of the traffic in the provinces about the annual renewal.

A spokesman for the General Traffic Directorate Brigadier Ammar Waleed in a statement to Radio tow the modern Kurdistan region over about agreeing to the normal examination of the car and that the owner wants the annual renewal of the particular car license plates region has not up to now, the resolution to the General Directorate of Traffic for the purpose of circulation to the directorates of passage provinces for the purpose of initiating scans the vehicle in the province where there are car license plates in the region in order to be sent Your e for the purpose of annual renewal of that car.

And between Brigadier Ammar Waleed said a high-level delegation that included Interior Minister Mohamed Salem Al Ghabban as well as the General Traffic Director Maj. Gen. Amer al-Azzawi, visited the Kurdistan region earlier and agreed on a number of things to solve problems on the car license plates region, noting that these proposals awaiting ratification from the Minister Interior Mohammad Al Ghabban.

And about the legality of the transfer of binders car from the passage of the province to province, which sold it among a spokesman for General Traffic director of the Council of Ministers decision to Petrqan old car versus a new car registration and this decision it did not work in the Kurdistan region, where formulated decisions there on the car to be registered for the first time be paid the amount specified fee to the province passage in exchange for registration and give it an official panel and this is against the law indicating that the delegation, which visited the region discussed this matter and is in the process of making a decision to move the binders that car to the provinces, which are subject to its laws and traffic General Directorate of Traffic

To that pledge and Minister of the Interior in the Kurdistan Karim Sinjari province through a meeting with radio tow to hold a meeting with Federal Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban for the purpose of resolving automobile problem of license plates region, noting that he had several previous meetings with Ghabban in this regard, adding that the best to solve the problem facing the people of the solution the southern and central provinces is the transfer of the vehicle to the province under which it sold the car in order to give it to the panel on behalf of the province and expressed his readiness to transfer restriction subject to approval by the Minister of Interior to meet him at the near time.

Directorate-General for the passage of Kurdistan announced to agree to cancel car license plates provinces of the region, which has been acquired by citizens in other Iraqi provinces, the private electronic examination, pointing out that this cancellation allows the owners of these vehicles tested in their provinces and their attendance to the region to renew their vehicles restrictions without the need to take her to Kurdistan.

The Director-General of the passage of the province Amin Ali in an earlier statement special Mrbd, that a vehicle bearing plate any of the provinces of the region have the right to the holder in the central and southern provinces that are the necessary examination at the end of being registered (annual) in his province, home to the passage of the Directorate and then sends treatment cross-examination official mail to Kurdistan, noting that the move came to lift the burden on citizens.

With regard to the vehicle bearing the registration plates of the provinces of the region, which is the holder citizen who lives the other Iraqi provinces the transfer of ownership, he emphasized, that there are instructions in the region allow for the transfer of ownership of this type of condition that Asthsal citizen's vehicle-winning book of the security authorities in his province which vehicles inhabited, proving that the parties that the owner of this vehicle is not required to citizen security authorities and not by the negative indicators, to mean the brave Directorate in Arbil, adding that such measures would only be done in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic in the capital Baghdad.

The Arbil passage Directorate announced (September 2015 24) for submit a request to the Minister of the Interior in the Kurdistan region Karim Sinjari to cancel the electronic examination, which hampers the annual car license plates Kurdistan region to renew (Arbil - Sulaymaniyah - Dohuk), indicating that the cancellation allows the owner of the car examined and his presence in his province to the Kurdistan region to renew without the need to access the car to the provinces of the region.

Said Arbil passage chief Hirsch Ahmed Mohamed in an earlier statement to Mrbd that the electronic examination, which is under his car Kurdistan region when the annual renewal or transfer of ownership has no counterpart in the southern and central provinces as well as Baghdad calls to bring the car sold in those provinces for the purpose of renewing Snoatha.

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