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UN committee recommends to stop the confiscation of lands ChaldoAssyrians flow in the Kurdistan Region

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UN committee recommends to stop the confiscation of lands
ChaldoAssyrians flow in the Kurdistan Region


(Independent) .. price entity sons of Mesopotamia events and organizations interested in the efforts and the efforts of personalities that have worked and are working hard to deliver the demands of Iraqi Christians and files to national and international forums to find a solution to these important issues.

The sons of Mesopotamia in a statement issued by the Committee on Economic Rights, Social and Cultural ((CESCR of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations issued on October 201 527, concluding observations on Iraq's fourth periodic report, and adopted by the Commission mentioned in its (65), held for the period (21 September until October 20 159).

Included observations (63) items, including among other recommendations called for by the Committee concerned, the State party (Iraq) for attention and treatment.

Among the many important recommendations relating to the repercussions of the difficult situation of the Iraqi people and its impact on a lot of basic economic and social rights such as housing, health, education, services and security, especially with regard to the situation of internally displaced persons, and discrimination against minorities and others.

The report included a special paragraph (paragraph 13) for "land disputes in the Kurdistan Region", the Committee expressed "concern at the persistence of these conflicts between the Assyrians and the Kurdistan Regional Government", which said that their land had been confiscated in a lot of cases, under the pretext of investment, adding that many of the judicial decisions and outbound calling to return those lands to their owners have not been implemented a disciplined and systematic.

The Committee on inflicted observed a clear recommendation (paragraph 14) calling on the Party, "the Kurdistan Region" take the necessary measures to address the differences between the Government of the Territory and Chaldean Syriac Assyrians measures, and put an end to the confiscation of illegal land, without compensation and the provision of alternative, also called on to ensure implementation of the decisions of the courts Judge to re-land to their owners, grabbing the attention of the State party to its general comment No. 7 of 1997 and private "cases of forced evictions."

It also included the Committee's observations concern over the efforts of the state in the face of serious obstacles faced by internally displaced persons, and limited efforts being made to facilitate the safe and voluntary return to their original place of residence, in addition to the concern of the persistence of discrimination against minorities and the failure of the state in the age of the Law on the Implementation of Article (125) of the Iraqi Constitution and legitimizes recommendation to speed up legislation and laws relating to the protection of ethnic and religious minorities' rights.

He called the sons of Mesopotamia concerned entity and the competent authority of the central government and the Kurdistan Region - Iraq to seriously consider these recommendations and take action to address them, particularly with regard to change the demographic winning in all the historical areas of the Faili force, and the enactment of laws that guarantee the political, administrative, educational and cultural rights enshrined in the Constitution , and laws on the prohibition of discrimination and the application of guarantees other than for "our people" as one of the basic rights of indigenous peoples and the rights of all minorities and gives them a sense of confidence and as citizens of the first class.

He said the entity seeks to continue the efforts in oriented and that we continue to put up these files and not to be tolerated for submission to national and international forums for interested while being processed methodology and appropriate ways. (End)

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