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Sharp differences precedes the next meeting in Vienna

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Sharp differences precedes the next meeting in Vienna


Sharp differences precedes the next meeting in Vienna
Regional and international countries accelerated to intensify diplomatic efforts ahead of a Vienna next meeting on Syria scheduled next Saturday.

And Thursday to begin a preparatory committee comprising officials from nine countries in the preparation of lists of dissidents and other regulations specifying terrorist organizations, according to announced the Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoting a European diplomat.

It is scheduled to spread the names that will be agreed upon within the two committees would be entrusted to them negotiate with the Syrian government: first for political reform and the second for security, that the Committees operate under the auspices of the United Nations envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura.

The two committees that Thla replace the committees of the four international envoy (safety and protection, the fight against terrorism, political and legal issues, reconstruction), so turn these committees work to a mere advisory committees mission is to assist the parties, and will not have any role other, and this was it expected in light of the Syrian government and the opposition coalition rejected both the work of these committees.

But there are obstacles facing the opponents of "Vienna 2" must be Tzlilhma:

1 for the regulations of political opponents names, each country must submit a list of names and then be cut Aadidhm to twenty or 25 names, and made Saudi Arabia a list of twenty names, mostly from the coalition, while Egypt has provided ten names, mostly of coordination and current wheat board, but Russia has has proposed a list of 38 opposition include all the Syrian people components, including three former presidents of the National Coalition for the forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition (Ahmed Jarba, Hadi al-Bahra, Moaz al-Khatib), in addition to representatives of the opposition inside who are Mqpulon to Damascus, which infuriated members of the Coalition.

Moscow is trying to offer a wide variety of names either Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar tries to be the largest number of members of the Committee belonging to the coalition, while Washington looks at the middle position of the two parties.

2 second obstacle is the classification of military factions, which fall under the list of terrorist organizations, and this issue a major disagreement between the parties, and it seems difficult to reach agreement around at the next meeting.

Damascus and Daamoha consider all of fighting the Syrian army should be put in the list of terrorist organizations, in particular the powerful factions of the Islamic (Ahrar al-Sham, Islam Army, Al-Nusra Front), and the "free army" remains replace the contrast between Damascus and Tehran on the one hand, and Moscow on the other hand, at least at the current stage.

As Saudi Arabia's main backer for "Army of Islam", Turkey and Qatar Aldaeman presidents for "Ahrar al-Sham", reject the principle of the development of these two factions within the terrorism list, at a time when calls for Saudi Arabia to put the "Party of God" forces and other forces that brought Iran to Syria in the list of terrorism, But it seems that the Saudi effort to float the "Army of Islam" will not deliver a success because of the bombing of civilians in Damascus and conducted by the nape of the use of civilians as human shields, and will not receive their efforts in the development of non-Syrian forces, who are fighting with Damascus on the terrorism list because of Russia's refusal strict US soft.

The "free-Sham" situation is different but not yet because of US concerns from previous engagements with Al-Qaeda decided, in spite of the ideological transformations that have recently hit the organization and openness to the West.

The Turkish position to increase the difficulty of sorting operations, where Ankara insists on the "protection units of the Kurdish people" in the list of terrorism because of its association with the development of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which is rejected by Washington and Moscow together.

In the face of these difficulties, and Washington and Moscow began recently rounded corners process, reneged Washington to establish military formations outside the binary system equation, the opposition (the new democratic Syria forces, army Syria), while Moscow proceeded recently to open up to the "protection units of the Kurdish people" and Clearly, the United States and Russia, aim of this step is to restructure the Turkish military coalitions outside the system, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In spite of the sharp disagreement between the parties on a common definition of terrorism in Syria, it seems that there is an international decision to proceed with the development of a common list of terrorist organizations in Syria, which was expressed by British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond "Some countries may have to abandon support for its allies Earth ", but these steps are still collide adamantly supportive of the opposition regional states fear that the list of new terrorism lead to change the military balance on the ground.

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