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Mutlaq, US ambassador discuss security and political issues

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Mutlaq, US ambassador discuss security and political issues


Secretary-General of the Iraqi Front, Saleh al-Mutlaq stressed Friday the importance of carrying out America and the international community of their responsibility towards the displaced, as pointed out that the government has raised objections to the masses and a curse because of the remote references reforms for the demands of the masses.
Information Office of the Mutlaq said in a press statement received / scales News / copy of it, "al-Mutlaq met in his office, the US ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones and his entourage," explaining that "it was discussed during the meeting, politics, reform and popular demands security files, and focus on the pursuit of the international coalition in Iraq to help the elements Daash beaten and expelled from areas under their control. "
He said al-Mutlaq, according to the statement, "the importance that the United States and the international community assume their responsibility towards Iraq and its people from the displaced people who are suffering destitution and displacement and the ravages removed from their homes and their towns," he said, adding that the "war on Daash looks like it will not end soon, according to the data of air strikes the international coalition and cautious moves to the troops on the ground, which means that the issue of the return of displaced people to their homes has been lengthened and makes us more about the problem so complicated and psychologically, socially, economically and leave negative ┘▒thara on the future of Iraq. "
He said al-Mutlaq, the "democratic experiment, which the United States was keen to consolidate the foundations in Iraq after 2003, which provided full support to the parties and personalities particular did not come to fruition and was and is still going steps prosthesis did not live up to levels that provide for citizen services and the security and stability of living," explaining that This "pay people to protest and to demand real reforms we were the first to call out and we have supported within the Council of Ministers and signed on the implementation of its provisions that seem to have been taken is moving away from the aspirations of the masses and the real demands sparking resentment and objections of religious, political and tribal authorities, which has long made clear that it did not touch the real reform It focuses on the symbols of corruption and establishes the principle Where did you get this. "
For his part, the US ambassador "and he stressed his country's firm position in support of the Iraqi people in its war against terrorism and look towards a better future" .anthy / 29 / d 24

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