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Speach by Abadi

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1 Speach by Abadi on Thu Nov 12, 2015 2:34 pm


In the name of Allah the Merciful
Dear people ..
Like you in this historic moments, moments of reform and combatting terrorism and victories achieved by our heroes on the battlefield and to restore the prestige of the state, to assure you: we we started our approach reform of our firm conviction that a comprehensive and radical reform and the National Civil State base state institutions is conducive to stability and development, reconstruction and the achievement of the way justice and the restoration of the state entity that Astbaanh the forces of evil, terrorism and corruption, those forces that are reluctant obstructed reform tasks being hit very core of its existence and its privileges, especially the quota system and the structure of the state body which Enkran corruption system.

O sons of our dear people: away from the political one-upmanship and employment trimmer skepticism is building, I confirm that two months ago on the reform packages that enclose interlocutor below, and we renew our emphasis to continue this approach regardless of the difficulties aware that reform is a necessity, not an option and can not win the battle of the state against chaos, corruption and terrorism quotas and without making substantial Aslahlat the structure of the state.

I am sure successfully our enterprise reform with the support of the people who expressed their demands demonstrations civilized peaceful is bright model on Iraqna and the entire region, with the support of good reference identified compass and supported and supports our fight

We came reform packages that we launched and we are launching and cross-orders, decisions and directives to address the imbalance in the structure of the state's political, economic, financial, administrative and service aspects and the fight against corruption, which, although not up to the aspirations of the people but it packs a pioneer and rooted to the path of reform and usher in a new era in the pattern of dealing with the state and responsibilities, We will continue to reform the management of the Battle of unabated or decline to include the spirit of the state and its institutions, despite the challenges of the economic situation and the suffocating presence of conflict which we wage against terrorism.

A tribute to our people Karim, a tribute to our reference governance, a tribute to the heroes of the armed and security forces and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes and the Peshmerga, who are defending their land, honor, and to the families of martyrs and wounded greeting peaceful demonstrators pioneers of justice and those who protect them from the security services .. and victory for Iraqna.
A tribute to our people karim, a tribute to our terms of reference for good, a tribute to our heroes of the armed forces and security forces and the popular mobilization and clans and byshmrkh who defend the land and the presentation of habitat, style, the peaceful protesters salute the pioneers of justice and did To protect them from your device.. And victory for the tradition.

Axes of government reforms and the agenda of Diwaniyah and administrative orders related to each one of them.

This is on his facebook page:

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2 Re: Speach by Abadi on Thu Nov 12, 2015 5:51 pm


Thanks emmaduke !! He is kicking azz and taking names ! Here is a link to the press release from his office :

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