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Infallible gain support «Arab - a Latin» to defeat terrorism

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Infallible gain support «Arab - a Latin» to defeat terrorism

11/12/2015 0:00

Positive meetings with the House of Saud and the holy
¶ word Iraq sent an explicit message to the world the danger of the continuation of «Daash»
BAGHDAD - morning
the President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masum, Tuesday, «the demands of Iraq» of Arab and friendly countries which must accompany military operations waged by the joint security forces to crush the gangs «Daash» Alarhabiyh.osreett Kuwait in the words of Prime Minister Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to respond to the request of Iraq, stressing extend their full support in the war against terrorism, while holding the president and the Saudi monarch yesterday evening bilateral summit yielded results Aijaah.ujaet calls and talks infallible during his participation In the fourth Summit of the States (Arab - Latin), which concluded in Riyadh yesterday.
He said the president in a speech Iraq speech in front of 44 Arab and American leaders of Koreans: The «on friendly countries to stand by side in Iraq's political, economic and security».
He added that «Iraqis They want to feel they are not alone in this war, which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians and the displacement of millions because of them and spent fortunes which disrupted a lot of construction and progress opportunities under pressure ».
and won the word infallible to great acclaim by the audience, in particular it emphasized the importance of cooperation in judiciary on terror, when he said: «we have no choice and the world, but to win, and our cooperation and Tlaahmana and we stand together shorten the time of confrontation and reduces the sacrifices where and hasten the end of this terrorist epidemic that does not Assem a country it».
In conclusion, the Riyadh summit to issue a final statement «condemned all terrorist actions that target Iraq, which committed the organization «Daash» and other terrorist organizations, and its involvement in the killings and forced displacement of the components of the Iraqi people, and targeted on a religious or ethnic basis, and the destruction of monuments ».ually sidelines of the summit, Dr Masum also succeeded in winning the backing of Iraq, Votmr meeting with the monarch Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, understandings, perhaps open frameworks dual positive cooperation between the two countries in the future.
As the President of the Republic during a meeting with Prime Minister of Kuwait, «the need to strengthen bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait and the importance of expanding in all fields», at the time expressed blessed his country's readiness to provide all forms of support and continuously for Iraq, particularly in the war being waged against terrorism.

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