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Jubouri warns of political affiliation beyond the border

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Jubouri warns of political affiliation beyond the border

11/12/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Al-Sabah
said House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, the important role of foreign policy in support of reforms across the openness to the world, while stressing the need to provide the needs of the displaced.
Jubouri said in his speech during the chairing a seminar held by the Committee on Foreign Parliamentary Relations, entitled «Iraqi Foreign Policy The challenges Stage »: The« current phase experiencing great difficulties and serious challenges that make the process of drafting the diplomatic conduct the case more difficult, and put obstacles in our way towards an open foreign policy achieve the desired interest on the face, which serves Iraq ».
He added that« Iraq's relations with neighboring countries on the face of Selection should be based on the basis of permanent interests and evoke a common destiny, and to avoid being misled with the case beyond the border, loyalty must be first to Iraq and did not mind that the adoption of the state special relations with this or that party »adding,« but it is dangerous to play Internal political parties with the task of foreign diplomacy and build the all-party independent relations for system state with certain parties, so that each party or party or doomed relationship component is approaching a state of belonging to behind the border, and then we will lose the compass and have each party his plan of a particular State or turn the country into an arena of regional conflict and the absence of national interest ».
And the price of al-Jubouri, the Commission's efforts in the establishment of the seminar, saying:« We are at a time when we desperately need it to such initiatives which I hope will turn into a course of action and decisions centered in decisions serve to strengthen Iraq's foreign policy in this circumstance is difficult and sensitive of the history of our dear country ».
Furthermore, the President of the House of Representatives stressed the importance of finding viable solutions to provide health and medical supplies for displaced people and Aalaihm care commensurate with the size Amaanathm.ozkr a statement his office, that« al-Jubouri, chaired a meeting to discuss the situation of displaced people in the province of Kurdistan in the presence of the Ministers of Health and Education and the Board of Governors of Anbar and Sulaimaniya, it was at the meeting to review the situation of displaced people in the region and the problems they suffer, especially in the field of health and education »He stressed al-Jubouri, the importance of finding viable solutions to provide health and medical supplies, and Aalaihm care commensurate with the size of their suffering, pointing out that the majority of whom live in camps lacking adequate services and must work to alleviate this suffering, especially with the separation Alhta.wachar statement that the solutions «meeting addressed discuss ways to overcome all the obstacles concerning the educational aspect and provide all the means that contribute to the continuation of the students in the study» .ually Meanwhile, held House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, a telephone call with his Iranian counterpart Ali Larijani, for his invitation to attend a conference of the Parliamentary Union of the Islamic countries.
A statement by the Office of al-Jubouri, received «morning» copy of it, that «the call, they discussed ways of cooperation and coordination between the two countries and the importance of strengthening bilateral relations, especially on the level Parliamentary ».
He added that« al-Jubouri, the face of an official invitation to his counterpart Ali Larijani to attend a conference of the Parliamentary Union of the Islamic countries to be held in Baghdad early next year ».
President al-Jubouri had held last Tuesday, a series of contacts with a number of his Arab counterparts, during which ways to strengthen the prospects for parliamentary cooperation .

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