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Fears of non-adoption of the budget soon

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1 Fears of non-adoption of the budget soon on Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:48 am



Fears of non-adoption of the budget soon

11/12/2015 0:00

Baghdad - Arbil - the morning
at a time when budget revenues were adopted, according to the law sent to Parliament, on the income earned from the export of crude oil at a rate of $ 45 per barrel and the rate of export of 3.6 million barrels of oil per day, including 250 000 barrels daily product quantities of crude oil in the Kurdistan region and 300 000 barrels per day on the quantities of exported oil through the Kirkuk province, counting MP for the Turkmen Front Hassan Turan, oil exports rate in draft financial budget law for 2016 «exaggerated», while the Ministry announced wealth natural in the Kurdistan region, exporting to more than 18 million barrels during November of last month, stressing continue to sell oil «independent».
Tauran said, in a press statement: «We have important notes about the budget, including the estimated oil price of $ 45, considering that this the price will be a specific public treasury of revenues, as well as the amount of export forecast of oil per day, and as I know they are exaggerated amount which does not have ports to meet export 3.6 million barrels ».
He Turan« also forms in the export of oil between the center and the region must be taken into consideration, In addition to the province of Kirkuk oil (300 000 barrels) must not only looking between Baghdad and Erbil in isolation from conservative components, our universe do not know how released Kirkuk oil in 2015 and what to check out petrodollar to the budget of the province and the federal », stressing that« the importance of focusing on the amount of projected deficit and how to fulfill this deficit «.ofatt member of the Legal Committee in Parliament that he« in the absence of the investment budget, we also know how to secure Iraq for new projects and we must not forget that its absence for the ministries and provinces in the budgets of 2014 and 2015, sank Baghdad and the provinces of several water rain », wondering« How we can find revenue funded strategic projects as projects of sewage, water and electricity and the provision of the needs of the security budget and allocations of the ministries of defense, interior and the crowd and popular sons of the tribes and the Peshmerga, this must be taken into consideration, and we should focus They need time ».ostbad Tauran, the possibility of approving the budget before the start of the holiday Legislative Parliament in the first of the month of December, saying: «We hope that the elusive approving the budget target before the legislative recess».
In parallel, the Ministry of Natural Resources said in the region, according to a statement received «morning», that «has been exported 18 million and 461 thousand and 357 barrels of crude oil during the month of October across Kurdistan Ceyhan to the world markets », indicating that« the average daily export of crude oil reached 595 thousand and 528 barrels »The statement added that« the size of the amount of oil produced from the Kurdistan region's oil fields amounted to 13 million and 611 Alpha and 252 barrels an average of 439 thousand and 73 barrels per day », adding that« the size of the quantities produced by the North Oil Company amounted to 4.00085 million thousand and 105 barrels of an average of 156 thousand and 455 barrels per day ».
The statement, to« oil export line for two stops three days because of acts of sabotage and theft »it continued the statement, that« the Government of the Territory continued in the month of October last to sell its oil independently via the Turkish port of Ceyhan », indicating that« the government aims to compensate for the losses suffered by the region as a result of the lack of budget is provided by the federal government in Baghdad".

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