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Wars digital economies

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1 Wars digital economies on Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:35 am


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Wars digital economies

11/12/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
seems to be the next market war will be a digital war, and that the attitudes and policies would be calculated according possess the ability to overcome the digital barriers, and access to greater opportunities for advertising and marketing, sales, and that the United States Matkhcah, and fear of the nature of the processes that are adopted by China and some European countries , and under the banner of (Secure Digital), which aims, in essence, to stop the expansion of American technology giants on the global level.
The Chinese have put the economy Marketing and Export at the top of Oulyathm, they are not a consumer people, and the idea spread in the world markets is no longer subject to traditional standards, a which made ​​the most dynamic in the field of (digital invasion) even it turned out to be a tough market for American companies. As well as the growing tension with many European Union countries, where many of the lawsuits against the companies «Google» and »Facebook» and other recording, on issues related to the protection of personal information and competition or tax, for example.
Europe seeks to build a «digital market united »within the European border represents one of the most prominent American challenges, because this market include the presence of a giant project, his organizational ties belonging to Internet platforms coaxial system communications cables, and this is what prepared another attack on US companies such as« Amazon »or the« common economy »such as «Air-BNP».
says Ed Black, president of the American Association for the technology sector: no one puts the definition of electronic platform. Because it seems as if a proposal to regulate the problem does not exist, with the potential to create difficulties.
He says Daniel Castro, vice president of Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a research center based in Washington: he touches the presence of (potential waves of fear) in Europe in front of the popular services provided by US companies which as large as Google and Facebook
There are another source of friction and an application of (the right to oblivion), which allows Europeans to request the removal of search results related to them. France is working to compel Google Inc. to apply it on a global scale, but some US companies are a kind of censorship. Says Daniel Castro: The imposition of a European dye in the United States legislation would benefit not only on the United States nor Europe.
Even President Barack Obama expressed his concern in an interview with the site (RI / Zip) specialized in response to a question about the measures taken in Europe. As Obama said: We have acquired a Internet. Our companies are established and expanded it sometimes and developed, it is presented as the positions of principle noble not intended only to ensure the status of some of the interests of
From here everyone realizes the seriousness of the coming digital economies control, and how to control their markets.
Even some people go to put the governing legislation, and include a range of actions that the United States could take on the level and European and other countries, which belong to (producers and actors Europeans and actors Asians and actors Americans as well), this is what he said the European Commissioner for the digital space, Gunter Aoatengr, who understands the seriousness of the loss of control over this future market, those that are not concerned economic and trade markets only, but the economics of information, too, where involve a significant impact on the national security of States risk, and may turn out to be a kind of information dominance, which may fall within the fields of espionage and Gerha.lasima after exposure of the case of Edward Snowden uncooperative former with the US Agency for National Security for US spying program on electronic communications, but also it appears to be the fear trade will be the most threatening and dangerous to the standard of living and control of goods of strategic labor markets.
and ambitious countries such as China will be more competitors to the United States in the global markets and the imposition of economic pattern catalog by expanding ranges digital economies, and the levels

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