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Salary scale and formal clarification

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1 Salary scale and formal clarification on Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:33 am


Salary scale and formal clarification


11/12/2015 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawaz
subject him salaries of employees turned into a social problem, and has become an embarrassment to those who thought about it, and claimed that its application will achieve some sort of justice among the staff, as it will provide the state a cash surplus reduces the deficit ratio
economic ..
seriousness of the matter related to bad timing first, and not make objective justification for that second, and the ambiguity of the actions that took him Thirdly, and this is what makes thinking about it in light of the economic and political turbulent social conditions of a kind of escape forward, and thinking about it intersects with the slogans raised during the popular demonstrations, calling for national reforms and uncover corruption and waste You public money and the nature of the projects phantom, which caused a lot of aspects of the economic reality that exposed shortcomings after a sharp collapse in the prices of the deterioration of
sayings of some members of the House of Representatives added somewhat of a mystery to the paragraphs of this project, not only because it is clear, to the extent that some of them wanted to download it political dimensions can be employed in the context of competition and the tension among the opponents of the policy, and this is what made ​​many of them are reluctant to accept this formula, from whom he finds an attempt to circumvent the serious economic reality of the problems, and the illusion processors unrealistic, in exchange for leaving the corrupt without any follow-up or
accounting ..
The ambiguity of the law and leaks to the media and social media communications before approval make it more like a shock, especially when the task of rings such as working in the field of university teaching.
It is the staff of some state institutions and long service owners and expertise in the field of work, which made ​​many of them come out to demonstrate against the bill despite not after its release !! Which means the need to have such a law readings a careful,
and into account social and political sensitivities of the Iraqi street, even Egged politicians themselves in front of protests and new demonstrations raised banners denouncing manipulating Bakot people, as called for decisive action against corruption and demanding the concerned authorities to disclose his companions who They stole billions, as well as such procedures and laws can not promise to reform, as it touches the lives of important segments of society.
which relates to cancel some provisions that give to their salary payments to help them face life benefits and burdens, note that the Council of Ministers decided on 13 of October of this, the amendment salary scale Annex law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. 22 of 8002, and the unification of allocations charged by state officials all and reducing differences between them, and this Maihtaj clarification from the concerned authorities, and far from looting and multiple controversial Ajtahedat
and discord.

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