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Najafi US ambassador: implementation of the political agreement contributes to solving a lot of the current Iraq crisis

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Najafi US ambassador: implementation of the political agreement contributes to solving a lot of the current Iraq crisis


Long-Presse / Baghdad
Counting Muttahidoon, on Wednesday, that the implementation of the political agreement which formalized the current government, a guarantor to dissolve many of the crises that beset the country currently, and demanded to be reforms "serious and inconsistent" with the Constitution and laws in force, while calling for the arming of the people of the areas dominated by the (Daash) to Afaqadh "false claims" about the defense of the year, and the creation of Nineveh editing requirements.
This came during a meeting with the President of the Coalition, Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi, this evening, Ambassador of the United States in Iraq, Stuart Jones, according to a statement to the media office of the coalition, received (long-Presse) a copy of it.
He began Najafi, meeting to "thanked the ambassador for his position on the liberalization of the detainees process with Daash in Hawija, (55 km west of Kirkuk) City, expressing his appreciation for the help the United States to Iraq, and support in the fight against this organization," asking that "develops support and increase the assistance to be achieved final victory over Daash terrorist organization. "
The head of the coalition are united on the need to "implement the provisions of the paragraphs of the political agreement which formalized the current government headed by Haidar al-Abbadi," returned to "the laws that come in the context of that agreement involving solve a lot of crises that beset the country now, especially those related to the National Guard and amnesty and accountability, justice and balance. "
He said Najafi, that "reforms are needed and necessary, to be serious is not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws," stressing the need to "return of displaced persons and displaced persons to their role in the liberated areas, and not to put obstacles in the face of their return that the government take legal and constitutional role in achieving it and not stumping for any justification. "
The head Muttahidoon, that "the arming of the people of the areas dominated by the organization Daash commensurate with the battle conditions and in a manner to ensure victory," attributing to the fact that "those areas sons in their fight against Daash lose their enemy claims false that he is defending the Sunnis in While in March the worst kinds of persecution, murder and deportation against them. "
He also confirmed Najafi, the "big battle for the liberation of Nineveh importance, and the need to create accessories and preparations required for the completion of harsh Page devastating lived Mosul and push their children a lot of sacrifices."
Eating head Muttahidoon, in detail, according to the statement, "the suffering of the displaced people as well as destruction inflicted on their role and their cities and their infrastructure," pointing out that "errors in the treatment of these matters or neglect lead to the strengthening of Daash rather than eliminate it."
And the transfer of the Information Office, the American ambassador, that he "emphasized the views and ideas of Najafi and its importance in the resolution of the things that has plagued Iraq," noting that it "fall within the interest of the United States."
The President of Muttahidoon, Osama Najafi, met with the Speaker of Parliament, Saleem al-Jubouri, on Tuesday evening, (the tenth of November the current 2015), where he stressed the need to implement the political agreement which formed a government under which, and not be reform "argument to give up." all its obligations, and demanded the return of displaced persons and displaced persons to the liberated areas, and non-acceptance of obstructing this "legitimate and legal right", balancing the military establishment and popular crowd, and to be for the people of the areas dominated by the (Daash) basis role editing, while expressed Najafi "lack of conviction" including it exists so far, returned to the government "on probation", and for them to implement reforms of its obligations under the Constitution and laws.
It includes the political agreement that led to the formation of a government-Abadi, a number of themes, including the adoption of the amnesty law and the formation of the National Guard, as well as to balance the state's institutions.
A security source in Kirkuk, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), in (23 October 2015), that the air landing, which was carried out by a private American, Western conservative force, (250 km north of Baghdad), resulted in the arrest of leaders (b Daash), including to the military and its official Hawija, and killed many of the elements of the organization, as well as edit dozens of detainees, while revealed satellite CNN, on the participation of the operation Iraqi force.

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