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Salahuddin Council fails to hold its criticize the conflicts between its members

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Salahuddin Council fails to hold its criticize the conflicts between its members


Long-Presse / Salahuddin

Failed Salah al-Din Provincial Council, on Thursday, to achieve a quorum to hold its regular, as called for its members to give priority to the interests of citizens and to look at "the current phase into a national", criticized the conflicts and divisions that crashes my services and enhance security.
The head of the provincial council, Ahmed Karim in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The plenary session decided to postpone its regular scheduled day for lack of a quorum," saying it was "the second time that forced them to not to hold a regular session because of the absence of Members, despite notifying them."
Karim added that "it was agreed to direct a letter to the House of Representatives to take administrative and legal action against absentee without an excuse why they paralyzed the work and the disruption of services which increases the impact of the current economic crisis."
For his part, head of the security committee in the provincial council Jassim Jabara said in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "a number of members of the Council does not distinguish between the functions of the Council service and political and this caused the disable all the political scene and the legislative," adding, "The Council respects diversity views but refuses to rupture can be a member of the Council for the audience to look at the services file, and when we come to the political side can withdraw from the meeting. "
He said Jabara, that "there are members are keen on their personal interests and to enter into blocs hinder the work, but they do not follow the interests of their constituents and across the province with a serious stage of affairs, especially with the presence of threats from al (Daash) and the development of a security is fragile," calling absent, "not to be overlooked seriousness of the situation and the threats faced by the political process in Salah al-Din and stay away from dereliction in performance. "
In a related context, said political analyst Ibrahim al-Khatib in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The split Council members to three clusters suggests the future negative impact on the stability of the province and expressed lack of interest in the plan ages as far as their eagerness to personal gains," pointing to "the existence of hand supports the survival of the current governor Raed Ibrahim and the President of the Council, Ahmed Karim while on the other hand stands deduced from this and calls for change and there are neutral front. "
Referred to as the Salahuddin province, Council voted by majority on the nomination of Ibrahim pioneer new governor in August 2014, replacing the former governor Ahmed Abdullah to win a seat in parliament.
The Council of Salahuddin province, announced in the (10 August 2015), the formation of a new alliance under the name of (repair and construction) includes 19 members of the provincial council, most of them mass (Salahuddin), in order to make a political and security reforms package and prevent the return of (Daash ) to the province.

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