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Rossi ready to train and equip Iraqi forces

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Rossi ready to train and equip Iraqi forces


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Russia expressed its readiness to train and equip Iraqi forces.

Media Office said the member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Hoshyar Abdullah in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Kmic that "the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary delegation on a visit to Russia is currently headed by Chairman of the Committee of quitting, discussed with the Committee for the Defense of the Russian State Duma headed by Admiral Komoidov Vladimir Petrovic, the prospects of military cooperation between Iraq and Russia and the exchange of intelligence information. "He pointed Abdullah according to the statement that" the dialogue focused on the exchange of intelligence between the two countries and cooperation at the military level, especially in the field of arming and training, "pointing out that" the Russians have the conviction that the issue of the judiciary on Daash for them strategic issue, which serves as the defense of their homeland, they do not want to return of terrorism to their land, they have described the organization Daash that twenty-first century cancer. " He added that "the Russians aspire to a broad coalition to fight terrorism is not limited only to a few states, As expressed readiness of their country to train and equip the Iraqi army. "On the other hand search of the Iraqi parliamentary delegation with the Foreign Relations Committee of the Russian Duma, headed by Alexei Kstuntinovic Puchkov achievements that Russia made ​​in its war on terrorism in Syria. However, Abdullah, said that" the Russian side stressed that the common strategic objectives between Russia and Iraq, too many, and our policy in Iraq is based on strengthening the unity of the Iraqi people and not divide and rule, "noting that" Russia believes that it has succeeded in its war against Daash in Syria and signs of success appeared through the painful and accurate strikes against Russia, against the dens of terrorism, especially since the rest of the countries Ataathrk in the region without the consent of America except for Russia, which has the power and the ability to move in the area freely. "He pointed out that" the Russians have confirmed that the unification of the Iraqi grade is important and necessary for them, and touched the coordination between the federal government and the Kurdistan region and considered it a positive step and gain important ", adding that" the Iraqi delegation expressed appreciation for Russia's position positive support for Iraq and the region in its war against terrorism, and he hoped that the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in all fields to serve the interest of both countries and peoples of the region. "He concluded that" the Iraqi delegation Display the achievements of the Iraqi armed forces and the Peshmerga popular crowd and the sons of the tribes in the liberation of several areas from the control of terrorists Daash and the size of the sacrifices that the Iraqis made ​​in order to purge all Iraqi territory from terrorism. "The Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Iraqi delegation, who arrived yesterday in Moscow featuring both the Chairman of the Committee Representatives of quitting and Hoshyar Abdullah and Qasim al-Araji and Abdul Aziz and Hassan Ali Abdullah Mutaiota and Hakhuan .anthy

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