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Political Day

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Political Day


Government reforms to come will complete the previous packages
Deputy for the National Alliance, said the questioning reforms not in the interest of any party, noting that there is a new package of reforms.
Abbas al-Bayati said, "and said the reforms were serious and radical and unconstitutional and therefore everyone has to cooperate with the government, the implementation of these packages that have been announced," he said. " upcoming reforms will complement and sequel to these reforms in terms of implementation.
"He said the National Alliance member, said," The results of these reforms, the political process will be transferred to the new reforms, which have to rely on the expertise and competencies, "noting that" these reforms seriously questioning her not in the interest of any party Political "It is said that the parliament had voted in its meeting of last week refusing to do any of delegating legislative powers entrusted to him by the Constitution and the separation of powers in its implementation.

The withdrawal of government to some laws unconstitutional
Objected to the Commission on the regional and provincial Parliament to withdraw the Public Authority Law to ensure the regional and provincial rights.
Committee Chairman Khaled Mafraji that "the federal government's terms of reference defined in Article 110 and others are shared between federal and local."
He Mafraji that "the text of the Constitution on the need for legislation of laws to bodies independent governing the provinces and territories work and guaranteeing them their rights, and in the introduction that the issuance of the General Authority to ensure the regional and provincial rights of fair and participation in federal institutions law.
"The Chairman of the Committee of the Regions to" a law of public body to monitor the allocation of federal revenues in accordance with Article 106 of the Constitution to secure justice in the distribution of Imports and optimal use of imports.
"Among Mafraji" The committee has followed those laws were read a first reading and a second, but I was surprised by dragging them from the government for consideration. "

2016 budget does not include the final accounts
The head of the parliamentary bloc of virtue in the House of Representatives to adopt Ammar Tohme price of $ 35 to estimate the price of oil in the budget of 2016, instead of $ 45, stressing the need not to resort to external borrowing. He said Tohme "We are with the reading of the budget in the House of Representatives and suggest calculate the price of a barrel of oil on the basis of $ 35, especially in light of a lower oil price indices for what it is now," stressing the indispensability find local outlets to cover the deficit and move away from external borrowing and stimulate savings Optional by raising interest rates. "He called on the President of the parliamentary bloc of virtue to" provide detection of the last final accounts before discussing the 2016 budget, because their absence makes public spending and not realistic estimates, adding "we must reconsider the distribution of investment projects allocations to be priority for agriculture and industry."

The government did not authorize the issuance of the decisions of the "name of the people"
Explain the House of Representatives decision Imad Youkhana, that the parliament varies with the Government for introducing resolutions in Qanon.oukal Youkhana "At the moment, I do not think that made ‚Äč‚Äčother reforms packages, because the packets that preceded them were problems and objections." He added that the decision of the House of Representatives "the dispute was on this fundamental point, which is that the government has issued decisions in the law of any recipe legislative and lots of books in the name of the people.
"Youkhana to said" We did not Nakhoul government legislation laws, but Julnaha to proceed with reforms and support, that comes to us in decisions, and modify decisions and cancel resolutions, We endorse them if it was a real interest and supportive of reform in the country, while the government is taking decisions ladder salaries and directed the Ministry of Finance direct implementation, this is unacceptable, because it interference in legislative affairs. "

75 deputies suggested the distribution of salaries in dollars
Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani revealed vote of 75 deputies on a proposal to give the employees' salaries in dollars.
He said Bolani that "75 deputies voted in the House of Representatives hearing today on a proposal to give the employee's salary in dollars, which met with support by the Parliament", stressing the need to "re- consider mechanisms sell the dollar window of the auction will strengthen the Iraqi dinar.
"The Chairperson of the Committee of Economy Parliamentary out that" the country in a state of inaction and inertia due to the auction of the currency, "pointing out that" Iraq needs productivity and industrial base so that we can that the Iraqi currency be parallel the tender and productivity.
"said Bolani the need to encourage the domestic industry, and work to be exported abroad.

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