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Najafi and al-Jubouri: we must abide balanced political agreement

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Najafi and al-Jubouri: we must abide balanced political agreement


BAGHDAD / long-Presse

President stressed united coalition for reform and Parliament, on Wednesday, the need to implement the political agreement which formed a government which, balancing the military establishment and the popular crowd, and to be for the people of the areas controlled by the foundation Daash role editing.
While Najafi expressed his "dissatisfaction" as it exists so far, it returned to the government "on probation", and for them to implement their obligations under the Constitution and the laws in force.
This came during a meeting with Prime Muttahidoon, Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi, head of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri , to "discuss the current government position and acceptability of the House of Representatives, and those for and against her, and the nature of the observations on the performance of the Prime Minister", according to a statement to the Office of Najafi, received a (long-Presse) a copy of it.
He Najafi and al-Jubouri, "the need to return to the implementation of the political agreement which formed a government under which, and not to accept any argument hinder the application of paragraphs, and not be the reform process argument to abandon the agreed commitments ", and demanded the" return of displaced persons and displaced persons to their role in the liberated areas, and lack of acceptance of any justification lead to the obstruction of the legitimate and legal right ". And on the military situation on the battle fronts, he stressed Najafi and al-Jubouri, the need to "achieve a balance in the military and popular crowd, and to be for the people of the areas dominated by the organization Daash terrorist base role in the preparation, training and equipment with modern weapons to be able to do this right and duty in the liberation of their cities and lands as commensurate with the population of their size and historical responsibility.
"The President of Muttahidoon, for" lack of conviction as it exists until now and request activation of attention fighters of the sons of areas dominated by terrorism ", they returned that" the government under test, and the implementation of its obligations in the terms of the political agreement, and the implementation of reforms in accordance with the Constitution and laws in force.
"He also confirmed the statement, that Najafi and al-Jubouri," in search of increased meat Bloc coalition Iraqi forces, and respect for the rules of procedure, and develop its role in the House of Representatives in accordance with the principles and standards that have been adopted in its composition. " .

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