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Parliament to attend a conference of dissidents in Baghdad and excludes the armed factions and Mbaiei Daash

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Parliament to attend a conference of dissidents in Baghdad and excludes the armed factions and Mbaiei Daash


BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Waiting for parliamentary approval of the reconciliation committee chairman of the parliament to hold a conference for dialogue in Baghdad with the participation of "opposition figures" excludes "of blood on their hands the blood of Iraqis" and "swore allegiance to Daash". According to a parliamentary proposal, the conference will be attended by a broader conference will be attended by diplomatic missions and representatives of the United Nations.
And got (range) a copy of the proposal submitted by the Parliamentary Committee to the presidency of the parliament.
And it refers to the proposed Alasthoudarat to be made by Parliament through financial and moral support to be adopted by the Speaker and his two deputies as well as the National Reconciliation Commission and the Justice and Accountability to hold a dialogue conference.
The proposal calls for the text to "label for the Foreign Relations Committee and the Committee of the tribes to help the committees to make arrangements for the conference with the formation of a committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Representatives, a representative of the Presidency, to coordinate with the Reconciliation Commission in the preparation of the conference budget and logistical support necessary."
And it asks the proposed naming a representative of the Commission follow-up and implementation of national reconciliation in the Office of the Prime Minister with a timetable for the holding of a regular meeting between the Commission and the Presidency to inform them of what has been achieved.
The proposal that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives headed by a committee of reconciliation, accountability and justice invitations to attend the conference of the characters that will be renamed through the lists that we receive from the Presidium of the Conference is to be agreed upon by the reconciliation committee".
Attorney Mazer Sultan, a member of the reconciliation committee of parliamentary, and says that "our committee submitted a proposal to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to convene a conference of national dialogue with the participation of some of the committees of the House of Representatives," noting that "the proposed conference to attend to national reconciliation with some Iraqi figures."
Sultan said that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives will respond to this proposal for the purpose of initiating preparations for the conference," pointing out that "the venue of the conference will be in the capital, Baghdad."
He said the reconciliation committee member, said "a national dialogue in the Baghdad conference will be followed by another contract of an international conference to activate the national reconciliation with the participation of ambassadors and representatives of the United Nations in the presence of opposition political process figures with the exception of hands are stained with the blood of the Iraqi people and swore allegiance to Daash and terrorist groups." Strongly denying "the participation of armed factions in the conference."
For his part, he explains MP Fares Sangaree, a member of national reconciliation, "The idea of ​​the conference was discussed in the National Reconciliation Commission in the presence of the President of the House of Representatives."
He Sangaree, in an interview (range), "The agreement with the President of the House of Representatives was to prepare for the holding of a national reconciliation conference tribal figures, academic and civil society organizations involved in it for the right to hold a comprehensive and a major conference terrestrial mode." And the reconciliation committee member, said the "big conference will involve several parliamentary committees are sending invitations to some tribal figures and influential academic in society," stressing that "invitations will exclude their hands stained with the blood of Iraqis."
In turn, MP Salem al-Issawi, head of the dialog block, says that "the government does not know the principle of national reconciliation and what it means, whether it is with politicians or with the people?".
He said al-Issawi, told the (range), said, "has become the subject of national reconciliation loosely used for electoral propaganda and get some financial allocations during the previous governments that have not done the correct form of reconciliation."
And see the MP for the western Anbar province, "national reconciliation lies in the legislation of some important laws such as accountability and justice, amnesty and political figures is not a consolation."
President of the Parliamentary Dialogue bloc and asserts that "what we want from the national reconciliation is the return of scientific talent and officers to their sites and their positions," pointing out that "the concept of national reconciliation is not known to the government and parliament."
And the intention of the House of Representatives adopting a national reconciliation conference, commenting MP al-Issawi said, "I do not agree with these calls because they must begin with the concept of citizenship, a recognition of the other and give him all of his rights, without distinction or condition."
It also points out that "previous periods have seen monitoring fictional amounts to the theme of national reconciliation but used to promote personal or party or get close to the other personal."

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