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Baghdad Economic Forum adopts the activation of non-oil sectors

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Baghdad Economic Forum adopts the activation of non-oil sectors


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Heading Baghdad Economic Forum to adopt a new strategy in which searching study of the difficult conditions experienced by the country's economy is enormous and the risks surrounding the economic, production and service sectors as a result of lack of planning and failure to anticipate shocks and emergency crises and to find out the reality of the consequences resulting from it and that affect the present and future of the country.
The head of the Forum Fares Al Salman told the "long", that "the absence of strategic proper planning and the lack of contingency plans and not to anticipate shocks and emergency crises and the adoption of successive governments to the style of the reaction immediate haphazard and use the style of trial and error without the use of the style of scientific research led to the waste the enormous resources of the state and the loss of development opportunities.
"He added that" the accumulation of errors led to a high rate of illiteracy to 25 percent with 25 percent of the people among the displaced people and displaced as well as the spread of poverty and unemployment widely.
"He stressed the Salman that" the effects of the fall in prices global oil reflected on fiscal spending for the state and the size of the annual budgets which requires reconsider system of the State Administration as a whole and not to initiate reforms prosthesis does not reap them citizen nothing but disappointment and waste of further growth opportunities, pointing to the suffering of the people by the war with Iran and the occupation of Kuwait and the economic blockade imposed on the Iraq, noting that the Iraqi people had hoped to be a change of regime in 2003, the end of suffering But what happened was the loss of more construction opportunities and hopes.
"He noted the Salman said," What Iraq needs is not a government change or reform package, but rather we need a revolution comprehensive, administrative, ethical, legal, development is based on the re-Iraqi man building because it is the most important wealth and supreme, accompanied by re-Iraqi identity building, and the identity of the human society tolerant, goes hand in hand with the rebuilding of loyalty to the homeland.
"He stressed the Salman in his remarks on" the importance of maximizing State revenues of non-oil private sector returned a vital hub in the revitalization of the structure of the Iraqi economy and the development of agricultural, industrial and service sectors programs. " He pointed out that "the introduction to the objectives of Baghdad forum dealing label the reservoirs need to develop non-oil revenues and diagnose problems that prevent it."
He added that "the strategy discussed by the Forum now and through the studies co-developed specialists in important sectors focused on the task relevant axes in order to maximizing state revenues in non-oil sectors and stimulate the private sector to take its vital role in the revitalization of the construction plans and the elimination of unemployment and the rationalization of operational spending and investment in the form that corresponds to the requirements needed financial state.
"He pointed to" the need non-oil resources development, as well as the shift of resources oil into products and with the proceeds higher than the sale of oil Kkham and derivatives oil goods so that we can maneuver to achieve glory yield away from the oil glut in the world market and away from the price war in particular and that the reality of the markets impose the fact and is that the market is a buyer's market and not a seller's market
and that the imposition of a reality and a challenge and new competition and is how to keep the markets any how to retain customers.
"The president of the Forum that" the problem of the Iraqi economy lies Relying almost entirely on oil revenues that exceed the rate of 90 percent of public revenues, making the situation Finance of the country subject to the vagaries of the international oil market prices, noting that an important aspect of the strategy Forum This depends on the identification of the Iraqi economy and restructuring through scientific development road map, so that it is the role of government executive and under the real control of the parliament and under the supervision of regulators with the age required for the development of legislation the legal framework which will support the rebuilding of the State of Iraq, which will be gone inevitably as if the government continues on the current approach.
"and see the Salman" The strategy adopted by the Forum currently at the level of drawing a new road map for the advancement of the country's economy would provide greater investment and development opportunities future and attract more capital if our intentions are sincere available with sound steps in determining the next phase landmarks. "

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