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Obama's failure in its version of the Awakening industry .. and reconciliation is the solution

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Obama's failure in its version of the Awakening industry .. and reconciliation is the solution

Thursday 11.12.2015 0:54

/ Othello Alajafal
according to a report to the Washington Times, the US, the administration of US President Barack Obama acknowledged the failure of efforts to find a second copy of the Awakening to liberate the people of Anbar, from the grip of the organization Daash, indicating that it is slower than forecast, but US officials contend not abandoning this plan . According to the report, which I followed and translates as "Baghdad News", critics say within the United States that "the strategy has not come close so far from replicating the success of the first Awakening, which was formed in the era of US President George W. Bush in early 2007". He adds critics that "in the era of President Obama, there were not supportive of US troops to those of the Awakening, which led to the assassination of many of the tribal leaders, who are the first key first awakening between 2007 and 2011". He says one of those responsible for the formation of the Second Awakening "The process has been slow and extremely painful, everyone would have liked to see our move more quickly. " The official added, "We were realistic in this matter, where we learned that the formation of the second awakening will need to campaign extends for several years." US officials say that "the US campaign in Anbar largely focused on trying to form a force of Sunni tribes in the long run, it pays The Iraqi government on this matter, where she lives for training on adjacent land for the presence of the organization Daash camps. "claims the US Defense Department said it received requests from thousands of Sunnis on the internet tribal fighters to join the Awakening, and it's now working in coordination with the Iraqi security forces to lure the elders of Anbar to New Awakening., says Craig Whiteside, a former officer in the US military action in coordination with the tribes in Anbar during the middle of the last decade that "the collection of intelligence on tribes in Anbar, highlighted the fact that most of the Awakening leaders first had been killed." He adds Whiteside that "elements of the organization Daash They liquidated in 1345 element and the leader of the Awakening between 2009 and 2014 ". refers Whiteside that" guesses demonstrate that the elements Daash they step proactive begun since 2008 to refute this strategy, "noting that" Daash knows that the sons of the tribes in Anbar prefer to cooperate with the forces American and reconciliation with Iraqi forces, and they refuse to cooperate with extremists, so the organization to liquidate their leaders who Ihrcnhm. "draws Whiteside that" the success of the first awakening occurred at a time when a large presence of US forces in Anbar, and the aircraft of the United States provides air support fighters Sunni tribes on the ground, while the Obama administration's strategy depends on the Iraqi government and its security forces to take the lead in the collection of Sunni tribes to fight the organization Daash ".

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