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WikiLeaks Ahmad Chalabi wanted to overthrow heads .. ..? Votahawwa head

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WikiLeaks Ahmad Chalabi wanted to overthrow heads .. ..? Votahawwa head


Are there secrets lie behind the assassination and overthrow the President of the National Congress Ahmed Chalabi in Iraq ..? Let's take a look at the secret corridors that spoke in whispers about the sudden death of Chalabi after the visit of a direct reference to al-Sistani ..! Are there forces banded together to assassinate him ..?, And why this assassination ..?, Known for Chalabi is the first Godfather in the occupation of Iraq by the US and Iran in 2003 ... to go into this adventure in the deep secrets that revealed just days after the death of Chalabi. .. many interpretations, but almost exclusively in two ways first, he believes that Chalabi briefed al-Sistani on the documents, a private topple parties authoritarian stolen hundreds of billions issue hovering on the (president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki during his rule) and the second (is the Supreme Council led by Ammar al-Hakim) , on this dense as such, may be the outcome of conflicting forces in the administration, (the ministries that generate billions) of these two parties cleared the Ahmed Chalabi of the Ministry of Administration or even the Deputy Minister, the fact Valhemenh by al-Maliki and Ammar al-Hakim, and its arms widening day after day on the capabilities of the country, which Alone Chalabi angry and class itself, to rule out (according to this view) to be the target of murder and liquidation, is Iran's political agenda Service. Not even some supporters of this view of commentators Internet and blogging goes on to say that "Chalabi Files" is only the front end of the US Central Intelligence Agency ("CIA. Any. Any"), to bring down the arms of Iran in Iraq, such as "al-Maliki, the Sadrists and Ammar al-Hakim" and scaled These arms and parts, but the other diligence which is the strongest one of the most prominent supporters of this analysis (Chalabi) wife. He believes that these "files" from which warned always Ahmad Chalabi said, and I quote, "that did not stop their stubbornness and give me what we agreed upon from ministerial share will Avdham all" and already Chalabi went after the despair of receiving a stake in one of the ministries to the Iranian Sistani reference to inform him of the corruption of files from supported and they are stealing billions in his name, and the transfer of one attending the meeting of Chalabi and al-Sistani that Chalabi was very angry and said to the reference 'if they do not, Lord Hiaa against al-Maliki and Ammar al-Hakim will Share laundering corruption because they stole billions' and put in front of the reference file 'Vail' We understand then that it condemns al-Maliki and Ammar al-Hakim and other politicians. But striking and familiar with the conditions of the policy in Iraq, said there repairers correlation between the reference Sistani, the Shiite parties that persisted grip on Iraq supported by reference Sistani in the elections of 2004 and 2005 and beyond made ​​it very serious consideration of the religious mafias which subsist on what receives payments from transactions with parties in power in Iraq, however, these files expose these mercenaries name of religion with the Catholic marriage between religion and politics ends up in the event of their crisis, it was to be limited to the subject and to conceal it and send a message to Iran that Chalabi will revolution the deployment of cookies Alvesada and waste the heads Asahabkm and Stnteks Logos doctrine and divine ... and has already been to instruct the assassinations Battalion (Sharia) Protector of the Corps of Iran's Jerusalem process liquidation Chalabi as soon as possible, and Mazayarat by some politicians in Iraq to the house of Chalabi, but to cover up the subject of assassination, fabricating position to the media that he had died a normal death. .. that all the talk in the documents about the complicity of reference Sistani with corrupt politicians in Iraq and with Iran and militia corroborated by death Chalabi, in a strange way and bury the Godfather who brought fleets occupation to his country in a sacred site to the Iraqis will put a thousand question mark and question among Iraqis that al-Sistani Do It became the godfather of corruption and destruction in Iraq ... ??? Are we'll see the next few days will open WikiLeaks Chalabi corrupted files and ousted the heads of the big mafias and legitimizes their religion references ....

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