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Press organizations calling for legislation guaranteeing the rights of journalists

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Press organizations calling for legislation guaranteeing the rights of journalists


BAGHDAD / Saja Hashim

Called on non-governmental organizations and specialists in the field of defense of press freedoms, Tuesday, Iraq's parliament enactment of a law guaranteeing the rights of journalists, while underlining that the press law, which proceeded contrary to the norms of professional, legal, professional association announced to the defense of journalists that about 905 media workers have been laid off because of the absence of legislation that guarantees their rights .
The captain of the National Union of Journalists, Adnan Hussein, in an interview for the "long" to "end the service and the demobilization of journalists from their institutions is a natural order in a country that does not have a law guaranteeing the rights of journalists," noting that "the legislator law in 2011 did not include any material relating to the press service In his foundation and guarantee their rights, and if the force of this law continues to remain journalists and media rights waste.
"Hussein added," The National Union, For these reasons, insists working for a review of the journalists' rights law and modify it, or new legislation devoted to the service of journalists and media staff and ensure their rights , including years of service and compensation for the period of illness or disability, and most importantly include the law of pension rights, he told reporters. "
For his part, Executive Director of the JFO, Ziad al-Ajili said, in an interview for the "long", that "professional protection for workers in media organizations, unfortunately, severe confiscated journalists 'union through journalists' rights law, "noting that" the law has been initiated, which is contrary to the norms of professional, legal and linking the preparation of journalists work contracts the union but certainly the union trade journalists in order to sustain its work and has remained silent in this regard to the interests linked with media organizations.
"He added "The basic problem is that the law authorized the Journalists Syndicate organized by decades, but it worked and explicitly to be feudal control the fate and the future of the journalists."
He continued, "Maybe some people will be able to protect itself from ending services or unfair dismissal by resorting to the Iraqi judiciary." Turn lion Saadi said, a specialist in the field of law, that "Iraq lacks many of the laws, including the Law ensures and guarantees the right of journalists and the media," calling to activate the role of the Journalists Syndicate as the professional legal, which represents journalists, and the role of the union through its legal representative that assess a lawsuit.
"He said al-Saadi, said that" journalists' union must set conditions required through which news organizations edit a written contract from the institution is true when the union to ensure the press right and the institution alike, "and urged journalists to" edit written contracts and not oral to prove the journalist link the institution and through this contract must be clear about the salary and compensation and years of service to the press.
"For his part, journalist Alaa Cooley said, has been dishonorably days of one of the local news agencies before," worked more than a media outlet that eventually forced the circumstances had to stop and did not received my receivables them "noting that" these benefits are not small compared to the effort given to that way and personally I do not know how you can stop this chaos.
"He added that" the press is facing the problem of lack of formal contracts directly committed by the institution media, "pointing out that" the contracts concluded with journalists are contracts (confidence), so it seems a great adventure when operating without a formal link or a contract.
"It is believed Cooley" One of disasters faced by the press in Iraq after the financial crisis is layoffs in media institutions and it did not stop at the newspaper paper or magazine, but Even Alaketrnah sites that are less expensive as well.
"In the same vein, journalist Ali Abdul-Zahra in an interview for the" long ", said that" institutions Tstguetl so you can press attract (Q) or the media (r) in order to add them to a professional and professionalism and what they need, "noting that" media organizations dispense with ease about that journalist without a professional or ethical controls. "He added," The majority of those in charge of news organizations who are not journalists, "and urged journalists' union that" take a real role or step down for responsibility and refer the matter to reporters and media themselves to form a professional committee give them back their rights usurped. "The defense of freedom Journalists Association announced that about 905 journalists have been laid off and that most of them editors and reporters, photographers and broadcasters, including television programming providers. Assembly said in a report published by the "Assembly recorded close eight media organizations, one of them returned to work after being laid off all its staff, while and called on other seven institutions journalistic family forever". It considered the defense of freedom of the press association, according to the report that "the demobilization of such a large number of workers in the media and particularly journalists and editors of reporters and photographers, with low financial support is a major affront to press for the family, and a flagrant violation of the laws in force in the country, and its constitution which guarantees the rights of workers in various fields. "
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