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Vice Salahuddin calls for the United Nations under the auspices of an international conference for the reconstruction of the province's cities

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Vice Salahuddin calls for the United Nations under the auspices of an international conference for the reconstruction of the province's cities


Salah al-Din / long-Presse

MP for Shaalan Karim Salah al-Din province, on Tuesday, the United Nations and to take care of the organization of an international conference to gain the necessary support for the reconstruction of liberated cities of the province, and criticized the weakness of cities steadfast attention to terrorism, UNHCR confirmed its support for the conference.

The MP said Shaalan Karim in an interview for the (long-Presse) that "a meeting was held between a delegation comprising Chairman Salahuddin Ahmed Karim province and a member of the Council Munir Hussain, in addition to the speaker with the UNHCR office in the headquarters office in Baghdad, to discuss the possibility of providing the necessary supplies for the displaced and returnees officials to their homes in the liberated cities. "
he said Karim "The delegation called on the United Nations to adopt a proposal for an international conference to gain the necessary support for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of liberated cities to stabilize and revitalize economically and socially," stressing that "the United Nations can play an effective role in this regard and it support a proposed contract and economic development of an international conference that would help Salahuddin in transit crisis, especially since the government is unable to achieve its tasks in the light of the economic crisis.
"The MP Salahuddin surprise of" ignoring the government and the international community and not to give steadfast cities that stood up to terrorism, such as the elimination of Dhuluiya adequate attention and this has infected society frustrated neglect, "pointing out that" Dhuluiya fought and survived and suffered more than 200 homes and ten government to destroy the institutions but has not received the necessary attention in addition to the rest of the cities that liberated recorded lists stricken.
"For his part, Chairman of the Board of the province of Salahuddin Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar that "gave an explanation of the nature of the return of displaced and refugee camps in Samarra and the Ishaqi and Dhuluiya, which is still home to some of them and the needs of humanity to be provided," pointing to "the existence of negotiations with the World Bank to allocate funds to campaign reconstruction but it is linked to the central government and the Iraqi parliament."
Abdul-Jabbar explained that "More than 49 thousand families returned to their areas, but we are trying to solve the problems that hinder the return of others and hope of the United Nations to help us in resolving crises on the one hand and the provision of relief items to families which destroyed (Daash) homes."
For his part, UNHCR's program director refugees Samih Bulbul said in interview (long-Presse) "The meeting focused on the search major problems experienced by the Government of Salahuddin and seek to implement projects for human development in the next year, especially to take care of families returning and displaced in cooperation with the central government."
Bulbul said that "the idea of holding an international conference for Salahuddin step important and good and we will deliver to the United Nations a message expressing keenness to maintain cooperation with the international community government.
"The Council of Salahuddin province, announced on Friday (November 6, 2015) that the World Bank will launch a rehabilitation and reconstruction in the liberated towns campaign soon in accordance with priorities which put them in dialogues and workshops sessions, as he emphasized that the Baiji spend joined the list of affected cities, pointed out that the service sectors will be a priority for the rehabilitation plan.
It is noteworthy that the Government of Salah al-Din, the relay with the World Bank through the reconstruction of liberated cooperation program gives cities Fund a chance to get a loan for a period of ten years, through Baghdad, more than $ 200 million.
The Council of Salahuddin province, called on Wednesday (the fifth of August 2015), the United Nations office in Iraq (UNAMI) to visit the liberated areas and see the scale of destruction and need areas for reconstruction and support, while stressing the need to activate its role in re-displaced, demanded that the United Nations program long-term.
The governor of Salahuddin Raed al-Jubouri announced (15 Maysan 2015) that the central government has allocated five billion dinars for the reconstruction of bridges in the city and gave the province a wider re-powers displaced people, in the first meeting in the city of Tikrit after its liberation, while called on Parliament to adopt conventions laws with the World Bank and fund the reconstruction of the affected cities.
The process (Beck, O Messenger of God II) was launched in the (October 14, the current 2015) to edit the northern regions of Salahuddin (170 km north of Baghdad) from the three-axis, and it has achieved results "impressive" results in the liberation of more than a thousand km 2, including the Baiji refinery (40 km north of Tikrit), and progress towards the Hamrin and Hawija, while the joint forces in control of Samarra, south Tikrit.

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