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Bremer: 95 percent of Iraqis support the de-Baathification but Baghdad tarnished procedures

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Bremer: 95 percent of Iraqis support the de-Baathification but Baghdad tarnished procedures


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In the days and weeks that followed the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Bush administration commissioned a diplomatic submerged named Paul Bremer and his responsibility to lead reconstruction efforts and the transition to a post-Saddam Iraq. The Coalition Provisional Authority, headed by Bremer, has the economic and political powers of the almost absolute in Iraq, and serves as the highest civil office in the country, he was Bremer has full authority to turn Iraq.
The steps in the de-Baathification of government and dissolve the Iraqi army - known commands one and two - point of great controversy in the years following the invasion, where he joined many of the former Iraqi army soldiers loyal and unemployed to the ranks of the Sunni insurgency, which has resisted US forces in subsequent years other and continued them Daash with the help of a group.
So, is that the current chaos in Iraq, Paul Bremer, was the result of errors? Is it a reaction to the many wrong and failed procedures, or to blame on something else?
In "Long Way program to Hell: America in Iraq," which show on the air Monday on CNN, Fareed Zakaria respond to these and other questions concerning the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq, and why it is important that America answer them in as it prepares to fight back in Iraq.
Bremer has repeatedly defended his actions as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, he claimed during his interview with Zakaria that the de-Baathification efforts were supported and certified by Bush himself.
Critics often point out that Bremer - who does not speak Arabic and had previously served as ambassador to the United States in the Netherlands - it lacks the appropriate qualifications and experience to be entrusted with the transition and reconstruction efforts in Iraq. In addition to the two surrounding controversial in the country, Bremer has confirmed to the liberalization and privatization of the oil industry a centralized economy.
In fact, sometimes there is exaggeration in the extent of the authority of Bremer in Iraq, meanwhile, it was more limited powers than they look like, where were not has authority over 98% of American personnel in Iraq, but they were under military command.
In fact that Bremer had over the years claiming that the US military bears most of the blame for the mistakes made in Iraq, and his calls to send more troops to Iraq were often go unheeded.
He said during the tenth anniversary of the war, "I would imagine that you have to have enough troops on the ground, we had to learn from Bosnia, Somalia and the need to have sufficient strength to protect the citizens."
He also insists Bremer that his efforts in the de-Baathification has been distorted and that little of the blame was on the Iraqi officials who took power in the wake of Alajtaah.vi 2013 said "we have to explore the views of no less than the proportion of those who agree to the de-Baathification 95%. Mistake is that I This was entrusted to a small group of Iraqi politicians who they are expanding it. I think that hurt us because it gave the impression that we were prepared to carry out the de-wholesale each community is in fact what was not our intention. "
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