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Political Day

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Political Day


Conference opposition inside Iraq under the auspices of a parliamentary
Revealed Reconciliation Commission and the Justice and Accountability in Parliament, its intention to hold a national reconciliation conference includes all the opponents of the current system, noting that the conference will be the nucleus for an international conference to be held in Bgdad.oukal Committee Chairman Rep. Hisham al-Suhail, said that "Reconciliation Commission and the Justice and Accountability in Parliament submitted a proposal to President of the Parliament to hold a reconciliation conference in Iraq, "explaining that" This conference is aimed at achieving national reconciliation and convergence of views and to provide solutions for reconciliation and includes all the opponents of the current system with the exception of those who stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis, because they are not covered. " He said al-Suhail, that "the conference will include all those who believe in the Constitution and they have disagreements with the government or with other parties," pointing to "We raised the proposal of the President of the Council and pending the approval of the answer to start working for the conference." The Chairman of the Committee that "the conference will be the nucleus for an international reconciliation conference in Baghdad."

Former environment minister prison "unjust decision"
He demanded Iraq's parliamentary bloc, Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud to "save the reputation of the judiciary" and reverse the judgment, which it called "unjust" which recently issued against the Minister of Environment, former Sargon Salioh.oukal leader of the Bloc Imad Youkhana, "The court's decision against the former Minister of the Environment Sargon Salioh was unfair, "explaining that" Salioh was incompetent minister and the testimony of everyone and save the treasury billions and public money as a result of a job well done, dedication and integrity. " He Youkhana that "the judiciary must say his word and govern justly towards the Iraqi figure provided much of the country," adding, "We commend the role of the judiciary and its independence and call for the achievement of justice on the one hand and the fight against the real corruption by opening the files to officials as caused the loss of a lot of money." He called the Christian MP " Federal Court of Cassation to overturn this unfair decision against Iraqi Christian political symbol ", calling at the same time the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud to" save the reputation of the judiciary and the repeal of the unjust verdict. "

Granting salary will prevent manipulation of the dollar exchange rate
The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary, Tuesday, that the conversion of part of the employee's salary to $ prevent manipulation mafias exchange rate and money laundering.
The committee member said Harith al-Harthy said "a number of House of Representatives voted today to convert a portion of the employee's salary to $ was raised request to the Council of Ministers to consider the request, "noting that" the Economic Committee of the Cabinet will consider the demand if not approved by the Strdjah to parliament and if approved Vsthol request to the bill.
"Among Harthy that" the conversion of part of the employee's salary to $ revive the economic reality in the country and reduce the dollar exchange rate and control and lack of manipulation by the mafias, "explaining that" the conversion of part of the employee's salary to $ will also prevent money laundering by the mafia of corruption. "

Patriotic Union of Kurdish submit a project for reconciliation
He said Saadi Ahmed beer member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said his party has a project with the consensus between the political parties in the Kurdistan region and be discussed soon with those parties.
He explained beer that "the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is trying to get consensus among the political parties in the Kurdistan region, and in this regard has a project He will be presented soon, "stressing that" a delegation from the Patriotic Union will visit the political parties to discuss the project, "stressing" the need to address the current crisis and end the differences. "
beer and stressed "the importance of a return to the meetings of the political parties," noting that the continuation of the current situation does not serve any party. " he said, adding "We have to speed up the holding of the meeting of the political parties to reach a suitable solution and to address the current crisis."
The Kurdish parties continue to hold its meetings in order to reach a solution and end the disputes witnessed by the Kurdistan region.

New salary scale conflict with the Constitution
Deputy announced a coalition of state law, the pay scale who intends to Prime Minister presented to the House of Representatives for approval Law will collide with other laws legislator earlier, saying that the solutions adopted by Abadi, which is a prosthesis for fear his job when i'tikaaf for corrupt figures from the heads Ketl.oukalt Accounting Nassif, "The reformist decisions can not be higher than the Constitution and the law, decisions issued touched reformist legislator and laws." She MP for the rule of law that "the financial system has a law regulating the work of judges and external Institute, university professors and academics, therefore, the salary scale Law will collide with these laws initiated earlier," adding that "after the withdrawal of the mandate of the al-Abadi, the any reform decision issued must that passes through the House of Representatives in order to receive legislative cover, law of the salary scale should not be contrary to the laws that have been its legislation. "

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