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Received wanted to eliminate the pressure on Baghdad ... Washington pave the way for a civil war in Iraq

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Received wanted to eliminate the pressure on Baghdad ... Washington pave the way for a civil war in Iraq

Wednesday, 11/11/2015 0:24

Baghdad Alabarah- Bashir al-Araji
United States plans to "copy" experience "moderate opposition" Syrian in Iraq, through the support of political figures have convulsive attitudes of the political process as part of the continued mixing Washington Securities in Iraq after Russia's entry into the military and political confrontation line in the war with Daash. According to Iraqi politicians, the invitation of the US Congress wanted to eliminate Ali Hatem al-Suleiman and Mudar Shawkat, it comes from the door of the pressure on the Iraqi government to bury the positive relationship with Russia and the return of new to the US cuddling, on the grounds that the leaks that revolve around these calls, comes from the door proceed to Washington to find political parties receive military aid and political and diplomatic support from the United States and some international allies got it as the outskirts of Syria was pressure on Bashar al-Assad point, has been renamed "moderate opposition". And confirms a member of the National Alliance Mohammed Chihod that the presence of political parties possess weapons and support and backed by Washington, would cause a civil war. He Chihod in his interview for "Baghdad news" that this war is to be expected, because there are previous experience occurred in Syria through the polarized political figures and support with money and weapons, media and diplomatic attention, was delude the world it's moderate opposition, but it's really one of Washington tools to implement its policy the outbreak of civil war comes to everything and everybody. He said the National Alliance MP that call Congress wanted to eliminate al-Suleiman and Mudar Shawkat is cause for suspicion, why was chosen these two characters that were not best suited to implement Washington's policy and or pressure on the Iraqi government, which appears to have found the right way in the fight against Daash relying on Russia, not US United. He is stressing that Washington disregarded much in its relationship with Iraq by sending invitations to the Iraqis outside the scope of diplomatic contexts, and the launch of the labels on the most wanted to eliminate They are opposition figures. In a related development, revealed Reconciliation Commission and the Justice and Accountability in Parliament, on Tuesday, its intention to hold a national reconciliation conference featuring all the opponents of the current system. Committee Chairman MP Hisham al-Suhail in a press statement that "the reconciliation committee, accountability and justice parliamentary submitted a proposal to the President of Parliament to hold a reconciliation conference in Iraq," explaining that "This conference is aimed at achieving national reconciliation and convergence of views and to provide solutions for reconciliation and includes all the opponents of the current system with the exception of who have their hands stained with the blood of Iraqis, because they are not covered. " He said al-Suhail, that "the conference will include all those who believe in the Constitution and they have disagreements with the government or with other parties," pointing out that "we raised the proposal of the President of the Council and waiting for the answer approval to start working for the conference."

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