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Integrity request the support of the parliamentary coalition to recover funds smuggled Iraq

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Integrity request the support of the parliamentary coalition to recover funds smuggled Iraq

Wednesday, 11/11/2015 0:45

Baghdad news / Haider Alamchana
Perhaps the economic crisis experienced by the country prompted the Iraqi state as a whole to find other alternatives other than oil for control of the country's economic situation, and perhaps this crisis moved the residents claim a refund of Iraqi money smuggled out of Iraq under the previous regime or to the Covenant " "The current post-2003, the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Integrity Democratic have called for the government to claim the countries where money Iraqi and property in order to exist recovered in order to solve part of the economic problems that plagued Iraq at the present time, which needs a major diplomatic effort in order to achieve this and complete the process of recovery of Iraqi funds abroad. where called for the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, nations of the world to an international coalition to recover Iraqi money smuggled abroad, noting, that the dual citizenship hinder the recovery of funds. Committee Chairman Talal Zobaie in a press statement seen by "Baghdad News" we called countries of the world by meeting Bsfraihm in Baghdad to set up an international coalition to fight against corruption and the return of Iraqi money smuggled abroad and Accounting muggers and prosecuted. "He explained that" dual citizenship hinder the recovery of funds smuggled " pointing to "open about a thousand file to recover funds from abroad, most notably in Britain and America and some Arab countries." He said Zobaie to "initiate coordination in this regard to put an end to such situations, especially that Iraq is going through a financial crisis, and we have put these things in front of the world and clarified them. "He continued," we have seen cooperation from Britain, where expressed their willingness to assist Iraq in this aspect, "noting that" the Committee held a meeting yesterday with the French ambassador in this file, and we explained to him Iraq's lack of money and we need to recover funds smuggled abroad. "A source in the Commission on Public Integrity, said the Iraq money contraband found in a number of Arab and foreign countries, noting that the money frozen in banks or registered under false names, and the other in the form of real estate companies, and others, were seized most of the ousted former regime or Aailathm.mbana was negotiate for recovery of smuggled money, pointing to the existence of response from some countries to help Iraq recover his money, and pointed to the formation of a joint committee from several quarters to recover those Alamwal.ocd source of difficulty in knowing the money looted value in foreign banks, especially since the banking system refrain from disclosing information about its clients. Reports indicate that half of Iraqi money outside Iraq, whether that was in the form of real estate or assets in banks in the event of retrieval, they will solve many of the economic problems in the country, reports confirmed that the most prominent countries exist where this money is "America's Switzerland and Britain," and a number of Arab countries, the source said that the bulk of the money withheld return to the political figures in the former regime and part of it back to the government officials received the positions of ministers and directors of two years after 2003, this was unable to Iraqi state know the real numbers of the money in foreign banks and the Arab states, Iraq is said that an international move to in order to recover the money that fled abroad during the past years.

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