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Abadi political mobility leads to the formation of pro-blocks reforms

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Abadi political mobility leads to the formation of pro-blocks reforms


11/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD Alaa al-Tai
A visit by the prime minister and the speaker of parliament to Najaf to meet with religious authorities there, mixed reactions in the popular and political circles, accompanied by visions variation on the implementation of government paper reform and anti-corruption campaign launched by the Prime Minister recently decisions, some led to the threat of the need to re-demarcation The relationship between the three authorities and arrange the powers in accordance with the Dstr.vi the meantime, the corridors of Parliament is witnessing Achtdada political ferment and split the parliamentary blocs into two streams, one in favor and supportive of the government and another conservative on some of those decisions and the mechanism for its implementation, which he described as «were not responsive to the ambitious». According to sources governmental close to the prime minister leads a peaceful political mobility and an undeclared form a parliamentary bloc in support of his government to ensure the implementation of reforms and pass laws and legislation in the House of Representatives away from obstacles differences and rivalries between the political blocs.   revealed political sources {morning}, what it called »invisible hands» which seeking to block government reforms, indicating that the majority of those who damaged their interests and have lost their privileges by the implementation or the issuance of a number of decisions which they considered a violation of the mandate granted by Parliament to Ebadi as prime minister. In the midst of these interactions, did not announce any block so far and officially for real mobility to withdraw parliamentary mandate of the head of government, except for the issuance of some individual statements of some of the characters that may not represent the opinion of a particular block. not the positions of anti-government leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, Hamid burdensome, denied in an exclusive interview with «morning», the existence of any permit or official talk of any party adopts anti-government or attitude of the reforms approved by pointing to the existence of some of the deputies who share in some reservations and observations, hoping to be overcome there to be real and meaningful, useful and fruitful reform process, stressing his rejection and mass any party stands against reform or rejected or hampered. sheet of the Supreme Council revealed burdensome for the most important paragraphs contained in the paper of the Supreme Council to support the government, noting that the Council had announced in advance, first and foremost is that the reforms in order to be realistic and real it is necessary to be unconstitutional and intersecting with the law so as not to can object to them than any of the political parties. He added that the second paragraph states that the reforms must be comprehensive and not partial or Trgiah so as not to look just like the absorption of the congestion of the street and in response to the demands of a transient, but comes in the framework of an integrated reforms with a vision package ». and paragraph third, said the leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, said he «must be balanced reforms and that has the support of all political forces to be based on a strong and stable base without being challenged and be the focus of controversy and give and take, so that Parliament could be passed easily». He added that the fourth paragraph indicate that the reforms must be radical, not cosmetic, such as a solution of certain ministries, when we look at it realistically we find just the integration of the ministries as the ministries that are supposed remains that have been canceled, its employees and needs of all the belongings ». impression of political forces and on reading the Parliament of government measures and reforms, he said, Maaleh that the impression among some political forces is that the reforms «were not meet the ambitious», stressing that the current phase is witnessing a political dynamic in order to translate those reforms and paper Prime Minister and develop a program to achieve its objectives which they were intended. He also stressed Maaleh need the government to support Parliament and to support the parliamentary blocs to implement and pass legislation that supports the reforms, so there motionless sustained political with the prime minister, adding that the meeting, which was held last week and which was chaired by the Prime Minister with the political body of the National Alliance, was not a meeting in order to gather supporters of the blocks present to the government, but was designed to reach understandings and communication between the political forces to be the House of Representatives on a line parallel with the government in its reform program, noting that consultations were on the level of heads of blocs and the presidencies of the executive and legislative authorities. Al-Qaeda in support of reform and stressed Maaleh the need that al-Qaeda Parliament in support of the march Government Reform provides, Indicating that the meeting was to discuss the demands made ​​by the delegation of coalition forces, which were not not outside the framework of the political consensus paper, which was formed on the light of the government. He said Maaleh that there is confusion between the rumors about the withdrawal of the mandate of the government and the withdrawal of confidence, saying, «We do not know if This confusion is intentional or deliberate », pointing out that the withdrawal of the authorization is the process of redrawing or install the rights of the powers of the three branches of government so as not to invest the previous vote on the reform package, which is likely to further bear the vote.

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