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Government authorizes payment of foreign passports refugees wishing to return fees

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Government authorizes payment of foreign passports refugees wishing to return fees

11/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
authorized the Council of Ministers at its forty-third regular, headed by Dr. Haider al-Abadi, the Foreign Ministry, the powers push Passport version for those who can not pay for Iraqi refugees who wish to return to the homeland fees Toaa.ozkr statement issued by the Information Office of the Council of Ministers «morning» received a copy of it , that «the Council discussed the Iraqi refugees and displaced persons abroad issue and decided to form a committee headed by a representative of the Foreign Ministry and the prime minister and the membership of representatives from a number of ministries are entrusted with the appropriate action to address the current crisis concerning asylum.
Prime Minister reviewed the significant progress made ​​by Iraqi forces in the pan Anbar and Peggy province and the functioning of edits in different regions progress is excellent and very keen on the lives of civilians, the Council decided that the Ministry of Finance to negotiate with the Japanese side for the signing of a new memoir includes the transfer of the loan allocations to projects in the safe areas in Anbar province and the provinces of Okhry.ovi a time when the Board approved the participation of the Republic of Iraq in the atheist and the twentieth conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, has agreed to take over the crop rice planting season in 2015, according to the agricultural plan and the same installed prices under the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 85 for the year 2014 to allocate the necessary funds to pay the dues of the peasants and farmers of the financial allocations to support the purchase of Local material wheat and rice in the budget of 2016, calling on the Ministries of Agriculture and Commerce to reconsider the wheat crop prices of the agricultural season 2015-2016 and rice planting season 2016-2017.
In a related development, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers discussed with academics and representatives of government agencies supporting steps to stop the migration of young people. According to a statement of the Secretariat, «morning» received a copy of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers sponsored the presence of the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Mahdi Mohsen Keywords, a scientific symposium on the phenomenon of migration of young people and the concomitant repercussions threaten the social fabric with the participation of six research for professors, academics, representatives from the Universities of Baghdad and Mesopotamia and al-Mustansiriya the terms of reference of political science and sociology, and psychology, as well as representatives of the committees of the House of Representatives and the Ministries of Youth and Sports, immigration and Almhjerin.albageson discussed with sectoral entities causes and effects of the Iraqi youth and heads of households and the results negative migration migration energies and competencies and procedures to be followed by government agencies to address the phenomenon radically, urging the concerned authorities to work to take supportive steps to stop immigration and the protection of young people and the development of accurate map meet government and academic effort and the Iraqi young people to formulate Khtootha.ohdd meeting on the importance of building bridges of communication between the relevant authorities and parliamentary committees on the one hand and citizens on the other hand to ensure the benefit of Recommendations made ​​by the researchers that and put it in front of the decision makers to take the necessary action.

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