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Jubouri: Iraq is entering a new phase

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1 Jubouri: Iraq is entering a new phase on Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:00 am


Jubouri: Iraq is entering a new phase


11/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
held House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, a series of contacts with a number of his Arab counterparts, during which ways to strengthen the prospects of inter-parliamentary cooperation.
As part of his meetings protocol local and international personalities group, Search Jubouri security, political and economic conditions, stressing the importance of concerted international efforts to support Iraq in its ordeal .
statement issued by the Information Office of the Speaker of Parliament, pointed out that al-Jubouri had contacts with all of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker and Chairman of the Qatari Shura Council and Chairman of the Bahraini House of Representatives and the President of the Omani Consultative Council, which discussed the overall situation in the region and coordination to address the current challenges and crises, particularly the risk terrorism.
He said al-Jubouri, the readiness of Iraq to host a conference of the Islamic Parliamentary Union countries, directed an official invitation to his counterparts to attend the conference to be hosted by Baghdad early next year.
in turn, heads of parliaments stressed the permanent quest to urge all Islamic countries to participate in the conference because of its importance in the unification of views on issues sensitive and fateful facing the region and the world.
To that, the Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, during a meeting with the Dutch ambassador in Iraq, Jan Walt Matns, that Iraq is on the verge of a new stage, especially after the liberalization of areas from the control of terrorist Daash gangs », indicating that« this requires an active contribution from friends ».
The two sides reviewed the security, political and economic conditions in Iraq and the region and ways to strengthen parliamentary cooperation and joint coordination between the two countries.
to that heard the President of the House of Representatives during a meeting with the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi, a detailed explanation for the conduct of operations in the province and the progress made ​​in the fronts edit the province, as confirmed The narrator of the President of the Parliament combat troops advance towards the five kilo regions and nationalization and near liberalized.
He stressed al-Jubouri, the need to give the issue of displaced persons to maintain double-digit interest to facilitate the return process as well as to actively contribute to facilitating their entry into the capital,
Baghdad., who controlled the displaced file also on a meeting between Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri The head of the Sunni Endowment agency Abdul Latif Alhmam, as the meeting included review of the detailed examination of the issue of displaced people, and to emphasize the need to give them a greater cause attention.
gave Alhmam for Jabouri detailed explanation of the effort by the Sunni Endowment issue of the displaced, adding that the aid included thousands of families displaced in the provinces of Baghdad, Anbar, Salahuddin and recently Diyala.
The eighth-Jubouri effort by the cessation of this issue, stressed the need to harness all the possibilities needed for the displaced and the importance of the reconstruction of mosques and the restoration and the quest closed them to open up to be a safe haven for displaced people to make them accommodate them centers.
On the other hand Search Speaker of Parliament with the Second Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, the details of the crisis in the Kurdistan region and ways to contribute by bringing the views, where said al-Jubouri, the importance of national reconciliation project, and the need to pursue all of the understanding between them in order to develop a common vision that satisfies all parties.
The meeting also touched on to discuss the importance of resolving the outstanding issues between the central government and the provincial government problems and according to the constitution, and the necessity of joint coordination to move the political process forward and to work on the establishment of the state of democratic institutions concerned with the affairs of citizens.

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