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Congress: the budget need to be further discussion

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Congress: the budget need to be further discussion


11/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
stressed members of the House of Representatives on the need to reconsider the auction sale of the currency, and made ​​it clear that he is a threat to «real» the country's economy and profit easy for some traders, while demanding attach the final accounts for the spending ministries with the budget law, stressing the importance of informing the legislature the size of the country's imports in detail. He said the parliamentary finance committee member Zahir al-Abadi that the House of Representatives completed the first reading of the draft 2016 budget law, noting that the Committee will discuss the bill after hearing many of the proposals the House of Representatives around.
He Abadi, told the «morning» that «some of these proposals need to attend those involved of the executive branch to talk about some of the details while you need some other paragraphs debate within the Finance Committee », noting that« too early to give an opinion or point of view about the budget details ».
He called Abadi to« maturation future vision about the budget », warning that« approval will not be clear until after the legislative authority of all aspects related to them. » While, he noted member of the Committee Secretary Baker that the treatment of the doors of the budget is a work of art from the jurisdiction of professional technical committees, noting that the details of some of the chapters of the budget does not match with the law of financial management No. 95 of 2004 and the reason for the absence of any details in the draft budget for expenses. Baker explained that «in all parliaments of the world there is attached to the details of the budget on the expenditure required, but in Iraq there is no final accounts accompany the budget and explain the expenditure sections and is one of the obstacles faced by approving the budget», calling on the relevant committees b »auditing spending and provide accurate reports around so be understood by both the House of Representatives way spending and target them ».
In the meantime, Chairman of the parliamentary Economic Committee Jawad al-Bolani warned that the budget presented to the House of Representatives marred by lack of clarity does not include the figures of imports which will come to the state treasury.
Bolani stressed, in a statement» Sabah »on the need that the budget includes figures the size of imports and the target of spending and whether spending will achieve cost-effective and development economists», calling for ministries and government institutions to «submit monthly lists or quarterly on how their share of the budget spending to facilitate the work of the legislature in the exercise of its regulatory». Bolani added that «the lack of revenue to support the budget with the exception of oil obliging the government to adopt a clear monetary policy because the non-oil revenues slim budget.»
He called al-Bolani to «reconsider an auction selling the currency because the central bank announced that the size of the sale auction for ten months amounted to $ 37 billion », and he wondered about the« economic and urban development that the country has achieved during this period of time and huge amounts of money that leaked from the bank and whether it was building hospitals or create jobs? ». Bolani and saw that the auction sale of the currency caused Petrackhe atrophy and productive sectors in the public and private sectors, pointing out that «a quick buck and content for contractors and industrialists could attain best in less than an hour». He called on the President of the Economic Commission to be state employees' salaries in dollars to prevent currency smuggling out of the country, explaining that «this situation will benefit from the auction funds currency about five million employees and avoid the theft and smuggling of $ 12 billion per year».
The Council of Ministers in the approved 0.18 from Last month, the financial budget law for 2016.

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