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Accounting manipulative airline ticket prices

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1 Accounting manipulative airline ticket prices on Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:55 am


Accounting manipulative airline ticket prices


11/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Batool al-Hassani - Hilla - Ali plumber
 General Company of Iraqi Airways has taken legal action against the private airlines, which plays in tickets flight rates, at a time when reduced prices all flights confirmed by 30 percent during the current season.  
 General Manager of the company Osama al-Sadr said in a statement »Sabah»: The Iraqi Airways ticket prices as a national carrier, is competitive when compared to the rest of the price of Arab and foreign companies operating in Iraqi airspace, citing the example of affordable air tickets Jordan within the line (Baghdad - Istanbul) and back of $ 900, or for airlines UAE amounting to $ 700, compared to $ 530 to the price of the Iraqi Airways.
He said the Transport Minister Bayan Jabr instructed to punish one of the local airlines being announce ticket prices, and when booking surprised citizen to double the price of a ticket on the grounds that the presentation of was limited, noting that the inspection committees control at the ministry, fonts Iraqi Air, will take strict legal action against the local, Arab and foreign companies operating in the country, which prove manipulation of prices booking.
Sadr said Iraqi Airways has reduced rate of 30 percent on all flights since the beginning of the month the past, adding that the tourist season has always witnessed an increase ticket prices by between (5-10) Palmih.wachar to the existence of a joint coordination with all companies operating in Iraqi airspace, which is governed by laws and regulations and international regulations provided not affect the air transport and national carrier movement. He said the absence of any cases of overcrowding for travelers in airport lounges, noting that all flights will within the specified dates, especially those bound for Turkey and Iran being a tourist destination that is witnessing a high turnout by travelers, articulating that his company is committed employees at all airports need to make outstanding efforts to improve the quality of services provided to travelers by providing all the necessary facilities and abide by the directives of the Minister of Transport Baqir al-Zubaidi adequate to deal with travelers .okan Transport Minister had discussed yesterday evening (Monday) with the US ambassador to Iraq a loan two billion dollars for the purchase of Boeing aircraft.
Furthermore, it looked The local government in the province of Babylon, with one of the Belgian companies implementation mechanisms Airport Air Cargo project in Mahafezh.oukal deputy governor of Babylon Hasan napkin in a statement made ​​by »Sabah»: he met a delegation from one of the competent Belgian companies the establishment of airports that intends to establish Airport Air Cargo in the province through investment, adding that he displayed before the eyes of the company's delegation map allocated for the establishment of airport land, it is also the face of property department in the Office of the province, in addition to the relevant authorities to accompany the delegation for the purpose of previewing the ground in Madani.ocd the desire of the local government in Babylon to attract companies European for the creation of infrastructure in the province, stressing the humanitarian and cultural depth, which is owned Babylon and the need to rise to the ranks of developed cities a way that parallels the importance of civilization

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