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Victories popular crowd and crime Spyker in front of the German Parliament

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Victories popular crowd and crime Spyker in front of the German Parliament

11/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Ali al-Samarrai
Download Rahim Iraqi director young tragedy «by his Nghe» and Vdhaat «Spyker» and tales of victories «People crowd» to Europe itinerant between asylum in Germany camps to ship the feelings of its inhabitants and urging them to return to their home countries.
Not young director hesitate to reject asylum in Germany, raising impress deputies German parliament.
He said the young director Ali Rahim: «participated within the activities of the Teatro de Naskosto Foundation Italian interested in human rights, theater and reportage, cinema voices from conflict zones which dozens of different countries, Germany participated through the film (by him Nghe) that you directed was presented initially in Italy and in the presence of more than 20 deputies of the Italian Parliament as presented in Rome and Volterra, Pisa, Italy. » He said Rahim said in a statement »Sabah» that «the film (by his Nghe) was introduced in Germany in the presence of members of the German parliament During effectively address the audience on behalf of Iraq», noting the existence of «great sympathy of Western characters with Iraq, which is fighting a battle against terrorism ». He explained that »(by his Nghe) girl is very pretty people of the city of Halabja inhaled the smell of apples and died after it became clear that the chemical used by Saddam's regime against the city», adding that «technical efficiency in the German parliament has seen show some victories of the popular crowd and atrocities in the massacre of Spyker at the hands of the terrorist organization Daash », pointing out that the expected affectionate of media war to rally popular accompanied on his trip« trimming the deputies Italians, Germans, most of the participants at the event cited how his friends to the war on Daash ». He said he rejected an offer by resorting to Germany, saying: «When they asked me, why not leave Iraq answered that flower when grown in a particular land, they absorb the spirit of the land, and if extracted and placed elsewhere, they may be able to grow, but will not have never the same fragrance, which impressed the Germans Representatives »He pointed merciful that« the film (by his Nghe) candidate in the distribution of Asian Awards and ocean ceremony Hadi as the best documentary film about Iraq and this festival is also known as Oscar Asia is expected to take place in 26 of the current month ». And toured young director with his film documentary on refugee camps in Germany, particularly where the Iraqis present, and dwelt among them, accompanied by members of the Italian Parliament for several days during which the display (by his Nghe) which affected them as much as urged during his stay in the camps Iraqi refugees to return to the country and to participate in building it and defend it.
and the director Ali Rahim said «a lot of Iraqi refugees wish to return after discovering the difficulty of life and the impact of the alienation and the effects of our words about Iraq nostalgia and the desire to have a reference».

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