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The quality of service in the public sector

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1 The quality of service in the public sector on Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:50 am


The quality of service in the public sector


10/11/2015 0:00

Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam
instructed belonging to the Council of Ministers views recently to some public sector institutions to form a new administrative unit within the entities, government institutions, called the unit the follow-up and development of quality .. This idea is appreciated by many concerned about the quality and the development of the production of goods and services in public companies, With the ire of some raised those entrenched in his behavior career monotony and bureaucracy and non Obalah mechanisms, especially in public institutions and companies that produce services as products intangible,  
what makes the interaction of departments based on these institutions vary, depending on the ability of those who made ​​it to absorb the importance of developing and improving quality in order to ensure feature competition and then achieve a higher degree of sales through achieving customer satisfaction. sale of services to the public and because some government institutions was unique in the sale of such services to the public, many of its cadres may not believe in the development of quality of service due to the severity of overcrowding at their institutions Services of the public used to get these Services supported by the public budget laws, Serving for example bank loans that provide for the sectors of agriculture, industry, housing annually in the general budget at interest rates not exceeding 2 percent law and proportions contribution ranging from 80 to 100 percent of the cost of the establishment of the project with the Smahat and periods of recovery up to years, prepared by some non-compete, in principle and in terms of reality as well as the public resort to different methods illegal to race in order to get this service, what makes talk of a quality like excessive talking about the need for the workers in these institutions, and then the introduction of such Administrative Unit, it may be an administrative order is the duty of the application in terms of the act procedural but in terms of the application will be redundant loop about the need in the eyes of workers and therefore the birth of this administrative units in institutions that sell services to the public will be the birth of a difficult and not feasible unless it reveals about the reasons and motives that behind these birth through training courses Aamat revealed where about future motives which will be the competition is tough when the state raises the support tools and is gradually moving towards a market economy .. government support and as long as we in the framework of this example, which reflects the higher instances of government support, it is important attention to the changes that will occur on the specialized work of banks in the coming years, requires great attention to loans granted from its own resources quality, if we know that the draft general budget law in 2016 where the text on the support of specialized bank loans as in the budgets of previous years did not respond, the considering that the project of the Central Bank loan will be the issue of support to provide a loan to the bank interest rate 2 percent and are these banks by providing the public with an interest rate of 4 percent, which means that these banks that were getting an interest rate of 6 percent of the value of loans provided by the public support of the budget General, will not get after the first of next January, but on 2 percent of the loans that will give us the public with the imposition of certain fees that do not exceed 1 percent of the value, so the interest rate 3 percent only a proportion that is not enough to cover the administrative cost her unless improvement of services provided by to the public in order to lock in profits, which qualifies them to continue to work, on top of that improvement granted credit from its own resources quality, and if the Central Bank loan project achieved its objectives, Van on these banks to re amounts to the Central under their contract and will remain in front of these banks not work resources self, hence the importance of working in units of development and quality control in these institutions. The concept of quality of service which is the ability to provide the best performance and best recipes is really a measure to meet the public's needs, which gives permanence to the work of the institution, and makes it able to survive in the competitive arena, When the nature of the service provided is equal to the public expectations of the target by the quality would be acceptable, but if the nature of the largest service of the customer, the expectations of quality then be excellent Otherwise, the quality will be not so good and the institution that is preparing to shut its doors in the competitive arena .. service institutions and our conversation here does not belong to the specialized banks and by, as the Pan-service institutions will face stiff competition from the private sector in the light of the government program, which is moving toward more open market mechanism, work is under way and, according to the offerer to open the doors to the private sector in the overall sectors that sell services to the public. The goal known from the development of the quality of service is focused on increasing the market share of the institution that sells the service, and therefore, access to it depends on the frames surrounding the group in service production conditions, particularly the human frameworks working in those institutions and their conviction ideas and plans drawn and considered public service philosophy adopted by the workers to reach to set goals, so the interest comes first individuals workers, as it confirms the general quality science experts, marketing concepts, systems and guidance to personnel, and other than that Van attract the audience and keep them as consumers is difficult to achieve, if not impossible, with evidence that workers are placed position (customers) in quality science, as customers from the inside targeted marketing services and objectives of the institution messages, towards the development of tools and set up the service and market mechanisms to achieve or exceed the public's expectations.      

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