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Sudan: Baghdad Exhibition Square to attract investment

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Sudan: Baghdad Exhibition Square to attract investment


11/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
represent the activities of the Baghdad International Fair opportunity promising to display the products of different companies disciplines, whether foreign or Arab Aoualemhalih, as it has seen the show several visits to Iraqi officials for the wings of participating countries, particularly in the national days, which took place in some days of the exhibition.
And characterized the 42 session of the Baghdad International Fair, which was launched in the first of this month and lasted ten days under the title «I hope Iraq for change and prosperity and lasting stability« carefully foreign companies on the choice of prime locations in Baghdad hall, packed with wings several products companies suffered as well as other keen to make profits through direct selling handbags launch accessories, clothing and some appliances, antiques and perfumes.
and the importance of Baghdad gallery and its role in the economic process said competent affairs exhibitions Ali Bashir that the exhibition has become the identity and labels in the Iraqi economy through the keenness of foreign companies and agents in Iraq to carry out the necessary coordination between embassies and the General Company for exhibitions and commercial services arrangements of the Ministry of Trade in order to attend and display products, especially the giant specialized infrastructure projects companies.
He said Bashir said in a statement »Sabah» that in general posts aimed at contracting and access to international experiences in this event as well as exchange views and knowledge about the optimal use of modern technology and employment in the country's economy service.
saw the show involvement of the public sector broadly where she participated the majority of the industrial state-owned enterprises and production ministries such as industry and agriculture to showcase their products, which lacks the markets and citizens alike.
Beshir said prestigious companies aspiring to prove its willingness to invest in Iraq and in the various fields as It is a step in the right direction to achieve the development of the country through the provision of machine and ground and ingredients economic, trade and the environment.
He praised the citizens successfully this event, which concluded yesterday after Iqbal broad public as characterized this session multiplicity of companies that launched direct sales to the public, especially perfumes and cosmetics as well as food and household items as well as direct sales to car fire.
As characterized this session in the presence of a remarkable global cars that participate for the first time in the Baghdad International Fair through Sardar Trading Agencies «exclusive agent for the sale and maintenance of Jaguar Land Rover Ringerovr in Iraq» this year and offered the company's three models of Jaguar cars, and three other cars from the Land Rover at the entrance to Baghdad International Fair President.
He explained the company director Steve Alexander said demand in Iraq on Jaguar and Land Rover, is growing tremendously, and our participation in the Baghdad International Fair will help to inform current and potential customers our presence in Baghdad.
The exhibition also excelled also an individual lounge allocated for direct sales of the sedan and productivity locally manufactured in the company's auto factories as cars «Ksor« and »Khashfeh» which was characterized by competitiveness and ease of sale and held fast trades measures to prices.
For his part, Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese Baghdad gallery International is the opportunities and promising to attract and attract investment in the Iraqi market and at different levels.
He said Sudanese, in a ministry statement «morning« received a copy of the «exhibition saw turnout turnout and officially as planned to provide job opportunities for Arab and foreign and local companies from the private sector, in addition to the State institutions on the one hand, and learn about the latest developments in the evolution of the world and different levels on the other hand ».
The statement said that« session opened up the prospect of cooperation and partnerships, the public and private sectors with the outside surroundings offering investment opportunities to the needs of the Iraqi market, especially with those countries and companies discreet that participated in the This session, a post came in support of Iraq politically and economically. »

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