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Iraq's economy will pass the ordeal ably

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1 Iraq's economy will pass the ordeal ably on Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:50 pm


Iraq's economy will pass the ordeal ably


(Voice of Iraq) - Iraqi economy will pass the ordeal ably Mohammad Reza Abbas through Mr. Mohamed Abdul-Jabbar carp expressed concern about the future of the country, which suffers from a shortage of money and political differences.

In an article titled "genes stay" on November 2, 2015 in which he said that "all of these factors (money and political differences) make us look anxiously to the future of Iraq and the possibility decompose into groups or small states as fragmentation by Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union."

It fears Mr. Carp came on what seems to read the World Bank report, which mentions that the Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Kuwait reserves will run out within five years.

The World Bank report can not be taken seriously and the reason is very simple which is that all Bank figures are projections or estimates may infect But most cases do not infect.

In fact, nearly 95% of the long-term guesses it being edited either up or down.

This is what we teach our students, because guesses and estimates and statistical projections affected by a number of factors beyond its control.

In the case of oil prices in the global markets, there are many factors that may affect prices in the future, including: climate change (can not Altenbye out), the emergence of the policy of unrest in one of the oil-producing countries may affect the exports (can not Altenbye him), improvement in the performance of the global economy (the arrival of a new president to the White House with a new economic policy), an agreement between the oil-producing countries and oil companies produce shale to raise prices, as the latter started all affected by the deterioration in world oil prices, or a Saudi decision to reduce output after it found that its oil policy did not harm Iran and only Russia, but also itself.

case that there is no justification for the fear of the collapse of the oil market more than it is now, because world oil prices have reached the bottom, leaving the oil market and oil prices not going up.

The continuing decline in oil prices is desirable because it is the global economy hurt twice.

Lower oil prices sharply will lead to heavy losses for the sector of coal, shale oil, natural gas and lay off thousands of workers in the United States.

Second, that the collapse of the oil market in the global market means deprivation of Petroleum Exporting Countries huge funds and therefore it can not import.

Deprive the oil-exporting countries $ 300 billion mean depriving China, America, Japan and Europe from the sale of $ 300 billion of goods and services for the oil-exporting countries.

As though they said "wary" about the future of the Iraqi economy, it is only political statements rather than economic, or their owners did not become familiar with the experience of Nations.

Coffee prices have collapsed, tin, copper, and iron ore in different periods, but did not break down the economies of the exporting countries of these substances.

It is true that low copper prices and hurt the economy of Chile, but this injury was temporary and soon was able to absorb the Chilean Economic planned this fall in the price of copper.

Iraq's economy over the economic recession since the second half of 2014 and will settle on the decline even healthier oil in the global market due.

In other words, the economic recession in Iraq recession will be shaped (U) The English and not in the form of (V).

I was surprised by one of the "experts" in the economy permits, which warns the government of the collapse of the Iraqi economy because of wage cuts and the elimination of staff incentives.

Yes, wage cuts and the elimination of incentives could lead to a low level of living standards state employees, but will not cause the collapse of the economy.

The fact that the decline in wages and bonuses Iraqi employee will be more intercourse with the Chinese, Indian, Iranian and Turkish worker, the main exporting countries of Iraq.

That most of the government employee expenses spent on imported goods and not on Iraqi production because production continues to suffer underdevelopment and so the decline in wages or benefits will be limited on the Iraqi economy, and will be effective only when Iraq can produce what the people of agricultural and industrial materials.

The last statement "expert "The last international loans describes as" slow and cumulative like poison that will kill the local economy over the medium term"!

I did not read or hear that the economy had died due to foreign loans.

Yes accumulation of loans where the risks, especially if the country is going through coups and civil wars, and these loans are spent on the purchase of arms.

Iraq is not an African country in the time of the sixties and seventies of the last century.

Iraq is going through a strong but economic recession and Iraq to borrow $ 20 billion will help the economy out of its crisis, just like the citizen does not have enough money to buy a house, but his loan from the mortgage bank.

Loans enlivened the US economy and increased its citizens fortunes for more than twenty years, but the expansion in lending by non-disciplined commercial banks to citizens is the reason that has plunged the US and global economy in a severe contraction in 2008.

Iraqi economy has a cold is not ill murderer, God forbid.

The economy will come out of health and his illness very easily when life due to Alzaraei sector, which consumes at least $ 20 billion annually.

The exploitation of rainwater scientific ways without doubt will turn our land into green and Vlahna to the product does not citizen spends his time in cafes his city, in Iraq's massive amounts of junk internationally phosphate, and Iraq has a White debt record and will not find it difficult to obtain any loan serves the economy, Iraq have good stocks of scientific talent and drive a university degree, and Iraq has a government factories could be sold to the private sector or rehabilitation, and has a vast land that can be sold to the private sector for the purpose of construction, and has the raw materials for construction, such as cement, bricks, gravel, and plaster.

Iraq, O people, God loves and will not abandon him.

Iraq was fed Islamic land when hungry.

God honored an ancient civilization of Iraq, varied topography, and the bed of the prophets and the saints and so will not go hungry.

It remains to conclude this column by saying that there are other way to reduce the owners of the high salaries salaries such as university professors, who established the world did not Iqaduha due to the reduction of their salaries by 4%, which is setting conditions publishing their research global scientific journals sober for at least six research before proofed the owners hard and deduct wages that did not develop a method of teaching and the transfer of Iraqi universities into world-class universities.

Wallis defect because they have to pretend to reduce their wages 4% did not Iraqi University Azarasm one on the list of prestigious universities in the world by the time managed to Qatar

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