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Gulf strengthens its role on the global map electricity producers Aalav- follow-up

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Gulf strengthens its role on the global map electricity producers
Aalav- follow-up


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Follow-up to its position among the top 16 producers of electricity network globally, the Gulf States has strengthened its role on the map electricity producers, especially in the field of alternative energy.

Elaph: the complexity of GO-15 international group, which is responsible for producing 80 percent of world production of electricity, the second annual meeting of the Forum have between 9 and November 11, 2015 at the "Intercontinental" hotel in Dubai. This event is held and, for the first time, in the Arab countries and Middle East countries, which comes as a result of joining Interconnection Authority for the GCC countries for membership of the GO Network -15 in September last year. Observers describe specialize in the energy sector, that the holding of this Global Forum in Dubai confirms the global role that earned by the Gulf states on the map of electricity producers, a prominent global Ktktl commercial breaks down, topping position in the field of alternative energy.

The GO15 unique joint initiative of 18 of the largest electricity network operators all over the world, and offer to senior executives and experts a platform to address current challenges and future electricity networks. The event attracts more than 150 of the world's leaders in the electricity sector, including network operators, government representatives, regulators and leaders of major international associations and industry experts and key suppliers in the electric power and the automotive industry.

The first forum of the Association was held last year in the "Guangzhou" in China, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Association GO15. The event will include two platforms in Dubai are discussing two topics pioneers are "reliable integration in the distribution of resources in the energy networks" and "flexible power grids."

The engineer said Ahmed Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of Gulf electricity linkage: "We are delighted to hold this forum in the region, where confirms once again that the Gulf region leads the global energy sectors. The participants briefed in the last year of important technologies put forward by China in many areas energy. This year, we will be successful with the participation of many of the case studies particularly with regard to clean energy and renewable. As we will shed light on how to increase the reliability and make electricity available and affordable. "

He added: "we will share with the participants on the experiences of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, especially on the subject of renewable energy, the fact that the region is home to a number of the most important pilot projects globally in this area. As will be highlighted on a number of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions."

According to the statistics of the United Nations, there are more than 1.4 billion people have no access to electricity, in other words, one person out of every five people has no electricity.

Through this forum, GO15 members of the organization will work to take advantage of the electricity networks and facilities and carry out a study on the progress made in electricity generation, distribution and integration of networks. Members also seek to expand partnerships and the exchange of information and experiences.

For his part, said, "Daniel Dubini," Chairman of the Board (GO-15) of the European Network: "Forum helps to open channels ideal for partnerships and new relations of cooperation, and review the challenges, and offers modern visions on various topics related to electricity."

It is scheduled to be centered Second Forum of the Association GO15 about "electricity grids and the challenges of climate change", as the Chief Executives will in GO15 Association at the conclusion of the forum, issued a statement about their commitment to enable the exchange of energy mix while maintaining the reliability and flexibility of the electricity network at a reasonable cost to consumers.

This forum comes at a time when interconnected electricity network of the Gulf Cooperation Council are classified in the sixteenth in the world in terms of size. It has been put large investments in the GCC connectivity between the GCC network since 2001 to develop, and when the network work began in 2009, has become in the introduction to counterpart bodies globally in this sector, because of its ability to power transmission between liaison staff members, without passing through the networks of other countries .

"The Dubini": "offer (GO-15) of electricity for more than 3.4 billion consumers in six continents, and is responsible for the integration of 2518 gigawatts of generating capacity, 21% of which from renewable energy sources. Has been created (GO-15) in the year 2004 after several interruptions in the power supply all over the world, in order to develop joint action plans to address to improve energy security system, has become (GO-15) in 2009, an official organization. "

The aim of this forum, over two days in Dubai, to exchange experiences and learn about the international experience in the field of electrical energy production and propose recommendations to push the global sector forward, and a proposal to promote and facilitate energy trade procedures mechanisms, and discuss ways to overcome the obstacles that you may encounter it, and accelerate production electric power globally.

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