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The central bank deals with companies "fake"

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1 The central bank deals with companies "fake" on Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:50 am


The central bank deals with companies "fake"


Among the files that had intended the late Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi published for financial corruption auction sale of foreign currency at the Central Bank of Iraq, and this series focuses on the deal front companies not registered with the Ministry of Commerce.

These documents include the assets of those companies and the amounts turned out of Iraq by currency auction at the Central Bank and the Ministry of Commerce reported on the health of registered or not, and, as follows the text of those files.

On 08.09.2015 the Finance Committee and in the House of Representatives sent to the Ministry of Commerce / Registrar of Companies, a book call (659) the signing of the late Chairman of the Committee MP Ahmad Chalabi, requesting the Commission to provide the information for 32 companies from the "general trade" or "companies import and export, "which the Commission obtained documents proving that the bank has been around for guidance out of the country in the currency of the US dollar amounts purchased from the central bank auction, namely:

1 - iron nucleus Company

2. Hala Oman

3. evolution path Company

4. Zhou Fitness Company

5. original Palm Inc.

6. Pyramid achievement Company

7. The new style accuracy company

8. Stones Citadel

9. Violet Rose Company

10. fledgling promoter company

11. The Working modern company

12. roar of the waterfall of higher company

13. Land breezes North Company

14. colors bird company

15. ascendancy diamond company

16. Company I want peace

17. dreamy flower company

18. Mountain Gazelle Company

19. full proof company

20. Higher groove Company

21. Bright Lightning Company

22. juicy lute company

23. Clearly the impact company

24. Willow glitter company

25. Cloud good company

26. Upper Valley company

27. Wadi Al Rayan

28. Iris Sopranos company

29. mountaintop company

30. Witch Al Ain

31. White daffodils company

32. rapid treatment company

3 only remaining registered and have no effect in record companies!

On 09/29/2015 Department received the registration of companies / Department of documentation and information its letter No. (21 724) that he has available information (3) all companies are registered with as companies Iraqi and according to the provisions of the Companies Law No. (21) for the year 1997 as amended, namely: (Lightning Bright General Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. - number 21 in the list), and (top of the mountain General Trading Co. Ltd. - number 29 in the list), and (juicy lute General Trading, public transport and General Contracting Limited - number 22 in the list), with reference to that the two companies first The second of these three Tkhalafta to provide the required legal information under company registration law, either contained the remaining companies on the list of (32) companies, it is registered with the Registrar of Companies as companies Iraqi or branches or representative offices of foreign companies, and he is no information available about the circle.

Transfers without ,,, statements to unknown destinations.

In a report of the Finance Committee special transfers Huda Bank during the period from 01/01/2014 to 12/31/2014 It turns out that all of these companies (32) had a (590) financial process (remittances) totaling (two billion and 336 296 000 US dollars), despite that only three of them are registered with the Ministry of Commerce.

The report also said there are 116 other process (transfers) totaling (one billion and 877 million and 236 thousand dollars) no information about the recipients are available (transferred to it), for a total remittances during only one year for the bank alone (four billion and 213 million and 532 thousand dollars), and the entire amount was obtained from the currency auction, organized by the Central Bank. One document shows that this amount represents only foreign remittances, there is another value amount (139 million and 206 thousand dollars) US did not prevent.

The report shows that amounts totaling (724 million and 145 thousand dollars) had been transferred to the Housing Bank in Amman and other amounts worth (354 million and 118 thousand dollars) had been transferred to the Bank of Jordan in Amman, while the Bank of Alcapittal in Amman, the largest share of the amounts transferred, It is (one billion and 258 million and 33 000 dollars).

And reveals the report of the Finance Committee also said that a total of (one billion and 877 million and 236 thousand dollars) from Huda bank transfers to the three Jordanian banks statements are not available for.

And the Bank of guidance is the one who showed earlier document addressed to Chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives of the late Ahmad Chalabi to the Integrity Commission he had Transferred $ (6 billion and 455 million and 660 thousand and $ 368) to his account in Jordan's Housing Bank during the years 2012- 2013 to 2014 the first of the year 2015 and part, and around of this amount (five billion and 787 million and 999 thousand and $ 397) to the good company in the calculation the Jordanian Housing Bank, and has this company in turn transferred $ (five billion and 704 000 158 thousand and $ 578) to calculate the perfect Exchange Company in Jordan, which is a normal exchange company, in turn, transferred the money to the beneficiaries is Malomin and is known also how they used the money that is the price of the sale of oil belongs to the Iraqi people, as stated in the document of the late Chalabi addressed to the Integrity Commission.

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