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Jaafari word in the ministerial preparatory meeting for the fourth summit of Arab and Latin American countries in Riyadh

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Jaafari word in the ministerial preparatory meeting for the fourth summit of Arab and Latin American countries in Riyadh


Thank you very much brother HE Adel Al-Jubeir, as well as thanks to Dr. Nabil Elaraby, and the Foreign Minister of Brazil, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for hosting this conference.
It is no longer the geographical distance between South America, and the Middle East for a real exchange of experiences, interests, and the exchange of all between us and South America common issues barrier.
There are three important interests, and three threats to the relationship between us and the countries of the world. The interests are wealth, do not forget you that the Middle East has two-thirds of the world's oil reserves, and has other riches, also it has locations strategically linking the three continents (Asia, Africa, and Europe) .. occupies this site for a long time; so was always coveted for binging, and desperate, and wrestling of wills from different countries of the world; therefore multiple riches that God -tpark endowed the Almighty for the Middle East make it an essential catalyst for the achievement of sustainable development, and to achieve economic development, and its reflection on the different social structures, and is qualified to open up to the world of site economic wealth, and attract the world invested in economic terms, and the second side of the cultural history of the Middle East, this is filled with history, which assumes the summit site since the fourth millennium before the birth of Jesus Christ, Allah exalt his mention I mean that the Iraqi civilization age of six thousand years of civilization .. This did not not a piece of history, but so alive, and provide him with vigor to today; Man in the Middle East in general and in Iraq in particular has such cultural originality of the six thousand eligible years because the deal with the present civilization, and the future of civilization, and understand how to deal with other countries common human civilization, in addition to that there are many threats to the world today. The first of these risks is the terrorist threat.
Today the phenomenon of terrorism overflowed on the surface, and was not the result of this region or that region under which as far as published in the most regions of the world. Contemporary terrorism in 2001 was in the United States in New York, and Washington, then spread to Europe, and other areas, and came to the Levant, and the Levant over to Iraq; it is a real threat, and the alarm bells ringing in all countries of the world.
When you open terrorism file must lay down Iraq litmus to know it very well that Iraq is making today impressive victories against terrorism, and to make terrorism retreat to the back, and defeated, but when you make a comparison between the end of 2014 and now in 2015, the number who come from different countries of the world from 82 countries to more than 100 countries; which means that the international will not activated enough to rein in volunteers, and those who drop out of volunteer training to transit to countries to the financial funding to the victim countries States countries.
This experience must be studied closely true and accurate study; because what affects Iraq today may affect other countries in the tomorrow, and this is what we do not want.
Terrorism does not belong to a particular religion, not for a particular doctrine, nor is endemic in the region without the other threatens the whole world, it can not be disassembly of terrorism in this country, and in another country; therefore the responsibility of all countries, without exception, to stand in one line along the stricken terrorism States; Jmahaa to inhibit, and destroy them, and protect their countries from the consequences of the rapid spread of terrorism will spread -Your allowed Allah.
A second danger of the three dangers is the risks to Palestine .. Palestine, which represents the depth of the religions of the cognitive, and intellectual point of view, represents ample Nations for all countries of the world bleeding from time to time, do not miss the Palestinian wound from bleeding in each section of the passages of history, This is not a problem that is shaking the world always deny, and brings to mind the inviolability of Nations, people, religions and various types of violations. And the world -llosv Alhdid- not quite live up to the level of responsibility, face this common threat to the whole world.
Third risk is the cultural strife .. terrorism today turned into a culture, and became knows how to kill bilateral vehicles communities; integrated bilateral converted to binary warring after that lived chapters of alignment, harmony, penetrated the cities, provinces, states, and countries with harmonious diodes of the confessional to turn it into binaries fights.
Even the political side solve the terrorism, and tries to commonly these three risks; so I should be pondered considering the Iraq experience, and how they faced terrorism despite economic challenges, and the security, political, and how he insisted on maintaining its unity, sovereignty, and insisted on moving the commonalities between the people of religions , and the sons of doctrines, and the people of various nationalities.
The Iraq experience of this size, and this depth worthy to be seen respectfully, and must stand by Iraq and the stance of responsibility .. Iraq offers the most expensive thing .. provides blood and provides the money, and live a blockade composite of all aspects in order to defend himself, and defends -oadha- proxy for all countries of the world.
As long as the elements of terrorism linked to the countries of the world For these countries to wake up, and wake up from its lethargy, and feel it in front of Iraq, which is fighting on its behalf, and not authenticity himself only; therefore wishes to you that Tdersoa Iraqi experience in the face of terrorism, and you will take them; to limit extensions terrorism imminent which could move -Your Allah allowed in any country of your own.

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