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Daash lost more than two-thirds of his fighters in Ramadi since the start of fighting

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Daash lost more than two-thirds of his fighters in Ramadi since the start of fighting

Tuesday 10.11.2015 0:13

Anbar / Baghdad news
denied the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi, the participation of US ground forces in battles purge the cities of Anbar province, and limiting the duty on consulting and training. The narrator said, "There is no participation of the wilderness of the American forces on the ground in cleansing the cities of Anbar of the elements of the organization Daash battles" noting that "its role is limited to training and consulting fighters tribes and security forces, as well as to launch air strikes, he played a major role in the progress of the Iraqi security forces battles cleansing", stressing at the same time that "the participation of any external power in cleansing the cities of Anbar operations are the jurisdiction of the central government in Baghdad. "In the meantime, revealed field reports from Ramadi, the organization Daash lost more than two-thirds of his fighters since the movement of Iraqi forces, field commanders and stressed that" what is left of the terrorist organization the power taken from government buildings haven, in light of the continued and severity aerial and artillery bombardment on an ongoing basis. "turn, local officials and members of the cell Anbar crisis, said that" storming the center depends on the weather conditions and the nature of the battle ", arguing that" there are thousands of improvised explosive devices planted by the organization in the ways of the center. "In context, expectation Observers progress great if military units move from that axis toward the center, which was holed by more than 600 component of Daash after that number was more than three thousand. A member of the cell Anbar Ghanem Aifan crisis, that "air strikes and artillery shelling forced elements Daash on retreat to their hideouts in Ramadi center ", Aifan said that" fighting in the northern and western and southern axes achieved its objectives access to specific points, "adding that" elements of the organization have booby-trapped and the bombing of the infrastructure of the city, which turned into an arena operations and the clash as a result of aerial and artillery bombardment of the elements of the organization. ", the Chairman of the Board spend Khalidiya, David revealed that" the security situation in the district of Khalidiya, stable but still bombing by al Daash constant over the city of Khalidiya island controlled by the regulatory area, which made ​​us call upon more than once troops security and the need to storm cleared. "added David, that" the security forces on alert and ready to cleanse the island of Khalidiya, which includes Bu Shehab area with her, which is located along the Euphrates River. "

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