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Iraq on the brink of bankruptcy and corrupt acquiring villas and private jets

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Iraq on the brink of bankruptcy and corrupt acquiring villas and private jets

Tuesday 10.11.2015 0:33

/ Political / Baghdad news editor
after the car four-wheel drive armored with special specifications, and after the real estate and investments in neighboring countries, new fashion sweeping the minds of thieves of public money, a private aircraft. International Center for Studies British developmental warned of the bankruptcy of Iraq by the next two years because of theft of public money he said, adding that he would be unable to pay its employees' salaries, because exceeded the deficit in the fiscal budget of the country for the amount of $ 50 billion. According to a report of the Center followed the "Baghdad News" that "the deficit is not justified, the fact that the previous budgets have been prepared on the basis of a price of $ 90 a barrel , while the price of oil not less than $ 100, meaning that the budget should check a large surplus, especially as the rates of achievement in most provinces did not exceed 40%, and in some of them was zero. "The report said that" the amounts retained from the previous budgets up to the public 2012 was more than $ 50 billion, raising questions about the real reason to talk about the deficit, if not a new attempt to steal public money and turn of the benefits and personal gain of senior officials in the state. "He was surprised at the British center of the" managed economist and adviser to the Iraqi government to prepare budgets since 2014, in the absence of a clear closing of the accounts that show the real expenditure of its resources, and allow exchange control orders, indicating clearly on the fears of the disclosure, and deliberately hide for fear of disclosure of significant financial and administrative corruption suffered by Iraq years ago. "The report added "The deduct 15% of the allocated oil investment budget has contributed to the reduction of Iraqi exports of 2.62 million barrels per day to 2.28 million barrels during the past three months, what impact clearly on state revenues and plans to increase exports to more than 3.5 million barrels during the year 2014 . " The report stated that "the giant oil companies are unable to cope with the volatile environment of the Iraqi economy, threatening the withdrawal of it, in addition to the security factor, it highlights the financial and administrative corruption, bureaucracy and a lack of experience and the need for Iraq to infrastructure and the training of 70 thousand workers in the oil sector worker to reach the desired goals. "The report also pointed out that" BP has canceled contracts for tens of foreign contractors in the southern Rumaila field, as Eni threatened to withdraw from the Zubair field in Basra because of bureaucratic complications that delayed the signing of a contract for six months. "The report expressed the view that" Iraq's budget deficit has contributed to weakening the state's ability to establish security, being engaged in a war costing the Iraqi economy worth seven million dollars a day, which is exhausting burden on the budget and affect the state's ability to carry other burdens in the defense of the rest of Iraq. "He pointed out that "The real deficit in the Iraqi budget has today risen to $ 32 billion in the absence of agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the export of oil, and the adoption of five dollars within the petro-dollar agreement for each province producing oil, and the adoption of laws that do not fit and the ability of Iraq to shoulder the financial burdens." The center said in his report that "financial and administrative corruption in Iraq has led to the emergence of a new class of rich and new private entrepreneurs affiliated with the government, and who came to get rich quickly, prompting the emergence of a market for luxury goods luxury in Iraq, most notably private jets whose prices could reach 16 million dollars, while one-third of the Iraqi people live below the poverty line. "Media, according to Falah al-Quraishi, who writes in the British newspaper The Guardian, the al-Khatib al-Husseini Mahdi top next of Los Angeles in the United States to commemorate Imam Sajjad Certificate (p) at the Islamic Center in the city Watford north of London said that "Isra daughter of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has recently purchased a mansion in Los Angeles Burnaby Rod Street with $ 25 million and a large swimming pool and 11 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms and 3 for children and three galleries wings of different sizes and other accessories reception." He added top that "Isra established in 10 last Muharram funeral of Imam Hussein in the new palace (the Kchkh) were invited to a large number of women politicians from the Dawa Party in the embassy and the Iraqi consulates in America, women and elders of the Iraqi community in Los Angeles and said to them that the Green Zone has become boring." . upper and pointed out that "The purpose of the call is boasting not only the palace, and everyone knows that this money stolen from the palace of the Iraqi government's budget."

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