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Infallible: the success of the community through reconciliation to build a modern state

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Infallible: the success of the community through reconciliation to build a modern state

10/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
President infallible stressed the success of community reconciliation as the way to advanced and modern democratic state to take advantage of the historical experiences in this regard, in the forefront of the Kurdistan region of experience, calling for the need that the citizen that feels its relationship to the state vital and positive, as recalled during a meeting with the late political family Dr. Chalabi biography of the deceased, urging his family to continue his career.
President Masum said during a meeting with a gathering of Iranian academics at his office on Monday to the events experienced by the country since the establishment of the modern Iraqi state proved Iraqi determination to establish a real democratic state centered on the principle of citizenship, stressing that the mobility The current popular witnessed in many Iraqi cities is nothing but a concrete expression of this will, noting the central role of citizens in the success of the reforms and the fight against corruption and rejection of quotas, leading to the desired goal in establishing sober democratic system.
He stressed President infallible on unnecessary accomplish national reconciliation project within a period of time unforeseen and high transparency, returned to community reconciliation solid foundation for the deployment of civil peace, a list of reconciliation on the objective analysis of the nature of the obstacles facing social cohesion and impede the vital breakthrough in various fields, which are the foundations of realism more important to the success of the national reconciliation.
He was infallible confidence that Iraq all about a democratic system is the basis of citizenship in dealing with the state and its institutions not belonging to a religion, sect, nationality, tribe, praising the role of religious leaders in defending the interests of the Iraqi people, especially the most vulnerable to the difficulties of living categories. He recalled the President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masum, the political biography of the late Dr. Ahmad Chalabi during his meeting with his family and major stations in his life and his work against the dictatorship and its important role in achieving the desired goal the liberalization of Iraq from the tyranny of dictatorship and arbitrariness and to begin building a democratic state. A statement by the Office infallible Ā«morningĀ» received a copy of the President of the Republic called on the Chalabi family to continue the national struggle path trodden late for Iraq and Iraqi service and looked forward to a free, democratic future, praising the role of the deceased in the foundation of the state of democracy and known for his sacrifice and altruism in service Iraq and the Iraqis.
For its part, showed Dr. Tamara Chalabi family pride biography of the late struggle and determination to continue to march with all Iraqis Liberals in order to achieve the great goals that work for which the deceased in the establishment of the advanced free and democratic state.

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