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Next year's budget to parliament today table

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1 Next year's budget to parliament today table on Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:30 am



Next year's budget to parliament today table

10/11/2015 0:00

Baghdad Abbah- Shaima Rashid
hoped to see a House of Representatives hearing scheduled for Tuesday, the first reading of the draft federal budget for the 2016 law, in light of the frequency of parliamentary calls for increased body the popular crowd in the budget that have undergone the majority of the paragraphs to austerity, as a result of reduced public revenue allocations due to the deterioration of crude oil prices in the global market, which is the President supplier to the state treasury money.
Attorney-Jabbar al-Abadi, a member of the Committee of «money» parliamentary member, said in a statement »Sabah» yesterday that «the budget next year, arrived at the Parliament will be direct studied at the start of the Palestinian Legislative Council Time tomorrow (today) Tuesday ».
It was also confirmed by his colleague in the Committee MP Masood Haider in a press statement, saying that« the meeting .. will include the first reading of the draft federal budget for 2016 Law », indicating that« after the first reading of the budget, it will convert the bill to the Finance Committee for the purpose of his study and the addition of proposals and amendments. He predicted Haider, not to delay in approving the budget «and that the country needs it». Among the most prominent paragraphs «controversial» mentioned in the project, are a popular crowd allocations. It MP al-Abadi, a member of the coalition «rule of law» that «Parliament and the Finance Committee, with orientation to support the popular crowd so it will be revised allocations and see if they are adequate or not through the hosting officials in the crowd», stressing the need to be «allocations People crowd enough for them. » Calls to increase crowd allocations, there were frequent on the lips of more than one deputy in the last days, and between these MP for the Bloc «citizen» Abdul-Jabbar Rhiv, which called on the government to reconsider the budget crowd the popular financial, Hada to «give the subject's very important within the overall budget next ». Said Rhiv in a written statement «morning» received a copy of it, yesterday «It is our duty to defend the Mujahideen of the popular crowd rights who have made ​​dear to them in order to defend the homeland where answered a call to the Supreme religious authority Pftwaha blessed to eliminate rats Daash, clearing the land of Iraq them» . He added: «must be legitimate, national and moral advancement of the institution of the crowd Mujahid and provide the best possibilities to continue her through logistical and material and moral support to be able to carry out its tasks as required to serve Iraq and its people». Deputy High Nassif, shared her colleagues (Abadi Rhiv) on the issue of increasing the allocations of the popular crowd. Nassif, as called for in a press statement is the other «the government and the House of Representatives to increase the allocations of the crowd ..», usually it «a necessity in light of the war that Iraqis are waging against terrorism.» She said the legal legislator, said that «the popular crowd allocations unfortunately are not commensurate with the size of the large role played by the security establishment, which has made ​​great achievements in conjunction with the army in the liberation of several areas of control Daash terrorist gangs». She added: «a lot of Iraqi funds are wasted Unfortunately, the sides of unnecessary while the security side stop him all the things this thing we felt clearly in previous years, and so it is injustice reducing the popular crowd, which is today a key pillar of the security and stability of the budget». And these calls come accompanied by similar claims of political and community activities, in light of confirmation of Supreme religious authority in Najaf, the need to «support the heroes of the popular crowd in all its formations and its types, and provide all the capabilities to them».

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