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Aldoaash pronounce the last breath in Ramadi

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1 Aldoaash pronounce the last breath in Ramadi on Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:29 am



Aldoaash pronounce the last breath in Ramadi

10/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning MOSUL - Sunrise Maher
caught the joint forces a number of leaders and elements of gangs Daash mostly foreigners .. sometimes aerial bombardment on their hideouts on the outskirts of Mosul .. and at other times to drag a group of them, including suicide bombers to areas killed located west of Samarra and finish off all of them .. and a third target and the prosecution of Aldoaash and Tkebedhm grave north of Ramadi losses .. As carried the bodies of their dead found in Makhoul find authentic, boot the mountains of strange and bizarre images of the area around on their bodies with phrases in different languages. west of Samarra and was able to force the popular crowd of luring Doaash group including suicide bombers plan Court to the two areas was killed west of Samarra . And dissemination of media folk crowd, photographs of the bodies of those Aldoaash who tried to get close to the western outskirts of the city but the heroes of the popular crowd Edjlohm in an ambush trick smart war since set up their ambush in the regions of pride and Alkhozama and has liquidated all of which filled their bodies screens west of Samarra, while images showed that among their dead suicide bombers wearing explosive belts. At the same cutter, a security source said that the popular crowd forces killed on Monday, leader of the terrorist gangs Daash nicknamed (Abu Aisha Tunisian) and a number of his aides. Media also said body the popular crowd that forces / Saraya peace of one faction of the crowd / clashed with Daash elements who tried to get closer to military units in Mkeshivh hand west of Samarra, killing dozens of them and burned four wheels to them. Corpses Aldoaash According to the federal police chief Raed Shakir Jawdat, has been the destruction of two wheels Hummer bombs missiles Alkornett tried Aldoaash her ​​husband toward our lines on the outskirts of Samarra, and while stressing leader arrested in Daash terrorist (Abdullah cherries) in the village of Gitan Diyala, said the dismantling of 40 improvised explosive device on the road link between the Chinese and modern. To that, the leadership the crowd popular Jabbar Maamouri, yesterday, that the subunits of the crowd had found while combing some valleys near Makhoul Mountains north of Baiji, the bodies of four militants Daash killed two days ago, pointing out that the bodies were bearing find authentic, boot images of animals and girls with phrases written various foreign languages ​​on their bodies, demonstrates that they are foreigners. Ramadi, officials and tribal leaders in Anbar, confirmed that gangs Daash last breath in Ramadi and that liberation is settled in a few days. As army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Othman Ghanimi said that the enemy which collapsed a last throes became the location is unable to face our forces, which retreated randomly and leave the weapons and equipment, and will be released to maintain the center in the next few days to turn to areas of Anbar other, in preparation for the start of the final battle with Daash in Nineveh. As warned one of the field commanders of the guerrillas clans Salman Fahdawi, that the security forces approaching edit gray center yet fully its control over large parts of it, revealing that he had not only left Alangmasien (suicide bombers) in gray, while the rest fled to the Heat and Anah and Rawah days ago. In the meantime, a security source said 10 were killed and the destruction of 20 Doaash wheel them in Khalidiya Island north of Ramadi, and on the same axis and three others were killed in the destruction of Jlthm Jereche area. In Fallujah, killing 14 terrorists, including the leader (Abuarobh Shami), while the bombers pipe destroyed building on the intelligence headquarters Daash Fallujah. Nineveh and within the Sector Nineveh, told Brigadier in the army Thanon Sabawi, correspondent morning, the 8 Doaash German citizenship Iraqis and others were killed to bomb aircraft International Alliance warehouse of weapons and explosives belonging to the Daash amid spend Tilkaif 20 km north of Mosul, explaining that the warehouse is a garage up to the car, adding that the bodies of the dead handed Balkhvah to the forensic medicine in Mosul. As Dean in Nineveh Police Mohammed al-Jubouri revealed to the reporter morning, killing eight Daash of the leaders of the three wheels and burning them to the international coalition bombing targeted a gathering of terrorists in hand Nimrod southeast of Mosul, while the rest fled away.

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